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Busing in Flynn School and Building Seaman Avenue Elementary School 9/21/14 Council Meeting

By: Katherine Massopust

Board Member Maria Garcia

Board Member
Maria Garcia

PERTH AMBOY – Agenda Item regarding PennJersey Environmental Consultants to conduct Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action Services for the Seaman Avenue site. The item was tabled at the 8/28/14 Board Meeting. This was to give the Board time to find an old study of property.

It was stated that Board Secretary Derek Jess (not present) could not find any documentation on the 1990’s study.

Board Member Maria Garcia believes money could be better spent elsewhere.

Board Member Israel Varela stated, “We are going to be very aggressive.”

Everyone agreed to untable this item.

Board Member Ken Puccio pointed out one more thing (other than the land being toxic). “The traffic problem we have (after school) next to the Public Safety Complex will be a traffic nightmare if we build this.”

Board Member Anthony Bermudez said, “Our town is bursting at the seams. No matter what we have, we’re going to have that issue.”

Board Members Maria Garcia, William Ortiz and Ken Puccio voted “no.” to this item. The motion passed.

There was a discussion about an agenda item adding 4 more buses which are needed to transport students to Flynn School.

Garcia stated, “Why do we have so many busses; there is no need for so many busses. We are complaining about obesity – can’t the kids walk?”

Dr. Vivian Rodriguez stated, “In order for all students to get to school on time we cannot have busses coming back and forth. It is an additional cost. In addition the students all can arive in the same time from in order to utilize the breakfast program in the right manner.”

“What is the distance? State law states over a mile away. (the need for a student to be bussed),” Garcia asked.

Garcia then spoke about her personal experience while attending school in South Bronx, Queens and in Newark. She stated that she walked to school with no issues.

Rodriguez answered, “There is a highway involved (near rte. 35 where the Flynn School is located). In this case, because of  the school being near a highway the State law requires busing. We are hurting. It would be sad to have 4 buses available that are not being used accordingly.”

Board Vice President Israel Varela said, “There are certain amount of buses needed by State statuette. There are a lot of special needs students.”

Board Members Maria Garcia and William Ortiz voted “no” to this item. Motion Passes.

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