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Update on Mary Street Caucus Meeting 9/22/14

Councilwoman Lisa Nanton

Lisa Nanton

Business Administrator Jillian Barrick

Business Administrator
Jillian Barrick

PERTH AMBOY – Business Administrator Jillian Barrick gave an update on the parking problems on Mary Street. Residents have been experiencing problems since it was turned into a one-way street.

Barrick said, “Of 48 homes on that street, 40 have driveways. There are 41 parking spaces on the side of the street that residents can park on. We will give the residents one parking space per household. The residents who attended a meeting held a couple weeks ago in that area seemed to be happy with that resolution. A person would get ticketed if they park in a residential permit only parking spot if they don’t have the required permit.”

Councilwoman Lisa Nanton said, “The people who don’t have the required sticker should be towed.”

There was a discussion on multi-car homes and the priority as to who was permitted to get a residential sticker.

There will be an ordinance on the agenda on the October 8, 2014 Council Meeting to add Mary Street for permit parking. Speakers will be given a five minute opportunity to voice their opinions on this ordinance.

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