Letters to the Editor – 10/15/2014


The monument to Juan Pablo Duarte on Sadowski Pkwy. is quite impressive with its imposing pillars that look like the gates of paradise that could be used as part of the scenery for some dinner theater biblical musical. Duarte is revered in the Dominican Republic for the many good things he did. He was a great man. However what did he do for Perth Amboy that requires this shrine that replaced the lovely gazebo that was there?

William Reina

Vote NO on Bail Reform

That proposed change to the NJ Constitution should be rejected as an attack on people’s rights. It would allow unelected judges to keep people in jail without bail. It violates the Eighth Amendment of the Bill of Rights and Paragraphs 11 and 12 of Article I of the NJ Constitution. Passage of this law would work like “preventive detention” where a person is arrested and kept in jail indefinitely, like in the regime of Louis XIV before the French Revolution.

To avoid the problems in the present system you only have to allow a bail of $1 for various offenses. Who is really behind this proposal? It’s certainly not the result of “Initiative and Referendum”. It would be better to place “Initiative and Referendum’ on the ballot to allow more democracy (as in most other states).

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Domestic Violence and the NFL

Domestic violence is a terrible thing. It comes in many forms and has been around, I guess, since man, (and woman), has walked the earth. A lot of attention has been paid to this subject, as it should be, and we have seen the emergence of domestic violence response teams nationwide.

It seems as though a lot of attention has been paid of late to the NFL. Let’s take the case of Ray Rice. Personally, I could care less about Ray Rice, he doesn’t put food on my table. But it’s the principle of this whole thing. He hasn’t been convicted of anything yet, but his livelihood has been taken away. He has been suspended because of a video tape of him knocking out his then fiancée, (now wife). This was due to the uproar that occurred when the video tape was released to the public. All well and good, but if you are going to do this to him, then will you also do the same for all. If a sitting judge is accused of domestic violence will they be removed from the bench and disbarred? Will the politician be removed from office and forbidden from holding office again, (yea right). How about the electrician, police officer, plumber, fireman, doctor, etcetera, etcetera. After all, “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander”, is it not?

There are some that will say, “Oh, that’s different”. Well, I’m sure it isn’t to the woman on the receiving end of the blows. It hurts just as much if the guy doing the punching is a NFL star or the guy selling hotdogs at the game. Hmmm, I wonder if Sabrett will refuse to let him sell their hotdogs.

My point is, let the law run its course. If convicted let him do the time or whatever the sentence might be. Let’s not succumb to the media induced mob mentality. After he’s done his time maybe he should be made to wear a purple uniform for a season, but let the man earn a living.

Joe Bayona

Officials Absent

First and foremost I would like to thank all of the local elected government officials for supporting the youth of this great city. Some are so proud to be from Perth Amboy. These are the future leaders of our great city.

Truth be known, none of these elected officials are supporting these youth. They are there for reopening of restaurants and ice cream shops. However, they are not there for some of the youths that are so proud of their home town and go above and beyond to support and tell the story of their home town.

I know of a child went above and beyond. Invitations given and not one of our elected officials attended in support of this adolescent, (Oh, and I was busy that day) not that the child had given the lecture four times! Still all elected officials were a no show, what does this say about our elected officials, and their support of the future leaders; not much in my opinion.

The youth of the future of this great city this can not be denied!


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