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Candidate’s Bio and Platform – Miguel Nuñez

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Miguel Nuñez started his education in the Primaria Intermedia School, La Vega where he was born in the Dominican Republic. After completing he started high school at Seminario Santo Cura de Ars and then started to study philosophy at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary where he completed the requirements for continuing in theology. He finished his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and a minor in Education at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in 1982.

In 1983 he settled permanently with his parents and siblings in the city of Perth Amboy, where he began to study English as a second language at Kean University. In 1984 he started working at Roosevelt Hospital in Edison, where he became the youngest supervisor at the center in Linen Services, Building and Grounds, and as a trainer on contagious diseases.

Miguel is a caring, loyal, honest, capable person, experienced, determined and dedicated to service.

At a public event, people of different nationalities requested he accept being their spokesperson and representative to the Council. Miguel is our candidate for City Council, always working with the firm commitment to represent with dignity and pride the best interests of all residents of this city.

As a City Council member, he will advocate to ensure that the property taxes decrease and be charged for the actual value of the property.

He will start a process to unite the different ethnic groups and encourage residents of this city to go to the council to demand better living conditions and a real participation in the decision making process.

As a City Council member, he will seek investors for the purpose of generating employment opportunities to help improve the quality of life for residents in the city.

As Councilman, he will work tirelessly to establish close communication with members of the Board of Education to improve the quality of education. He will also promote and support the the board’s effort to build a new high school.

Miguel has always had inclination for politics. Politics for him is a way, a road, an avenue to express feelings about social problems, he has never shared the repressive method for mankind or society and is especially fond of democracy as one of the best and most desirable practice to dignify humanity. He has completed political works with precise strategies where candidates to public positions have been elected. He is not an incipient in this area, he has enough experience and is a knowledgeable and will work hard to achieve his goal.



1. As a councilman I will promote the participation of all citizens as well as the project planning, strategies to impact the development of the City of Perth Amboy

2. My policy is based on the concept directed to the people and the community. I will try to establish a direct relation to know the basic needs.

3. I will watch closely to respect agreements for developments of the City, especially by pushing hard and working closely with the Board of Education Members toward the construction of a new building for the High School. Education is above any political interest.

4. As a City Councilman I will fight for a clean environment for the City and also for the homeless people in the City and support all action against crime.

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