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 LetterThank You for the Opportunity

Thanks to the voters of Perth Amboy, two years ago I was given the opportunity to serve as a member of this board. I decided to run because I had a goal of providing the best education for our children, which I believe should be of the utmost importance to all of us…not just parents. The future of this city and country is in the hands of our children. Unfortunately, by every available measure, we know that the schools of Perth Amboy have been at the bottom for a long time, and I wanted to help change that.

I came onto this board with great hopes that we could work together to improve our schools. But instead of finding a group of community leaders committed to improving education, I found total chaos. This district was in turmoil all due to what I feel was a character assassination of the previous superintendent. Some may say that the problem was caused by her when she spoke to the media about the state of our schools. I am of the belief that if we do not face the truth of what is not working, we will never be able to succeed.

It is true that I am not a person who measures her words or is politically correct. It is also true that I am not a hypocrite, liar or one who sits back and allows illegal things to go on for political self-preservation. I still care deeply about our community and about the education our children are receiving. I still believe that we can change for the better.

But I decided not to run this year because of one reason…Natalia, my granddaughter. I want to enjoy her at this time. Therefore I am not able to give all the time and energy this district will need to fight all that is wrong with this board. I encourage all people to be attentive to what they are being told and to ask many questions.

I wish the new board members the best and hope they do get the answers they need to make positive changes. Thanks again to the voters who gave me this opportunity to serve.

Maria Garcia

Member of the Board of Education of the City of Perth Amboy


A Step Away From Civilization

On November 13, the New Jersey General Assembly took a major step away from civilization and towards barbarity by enacting legislation promoting suicide.

A.2270 authorizes physicians to prescribe lethal medication overdoses by which a patient kills himself.   The medical profession, which is about therapy and healing, would be fundamentally prostituted by this bill.  Suicide is not therapeutic and death is not healing.  Confusion about such basic ideas can be fatal.

Proponents of the bill argue that this bill is about “rights” but it is society’s first and foremost right and duty to protect people’s most basic rights, which above all includes their lives.  When direct killing of any kind becomes legally and socially acceptable, everyone’s rights are threatened.  This bill most directly threatens the most vulnerable: the ill, the aged, the disabled.  It clearly sends the message: their lives are, at least sometimes, not worth living.

Such radical embrace of the culture of death should not come on the basis of a 41-31 vote.  To his credit, Assemblyman Craig Coughlin voted “no” on this bill.  To his shame, John Wisniewski voted “yes.”

As a fellow Polish-American, I find the description of such legislators coined by the contemporary Polish philosopher Zbigniew Stawrowski most appropriate: Wisniewski and his 40-other colleagues are “sleek barbarians.”  I urge Senator Vitale not to join them.

Sincerely (Dr.) John Grondelski

My views are exclusively my own.


With the Deepest Love and Gratitude

With the deepest love and gratitude, I want to thank my love Wendy Leonardo, family, friends, supporters, volunteers, donors, opponents and the City of Perth Amboy. Above all, I want to thank God for all his blessings.

To have thousands of voters and their families asking me to represent them and be their voice is truly awe-inspiring. With pride I look forward to continue to inspire our youth and serve this great City of Perth Amboy.

Congratulations to all of the successful candidates Joel Pabon Sr., William Petrick and Fernando Gonzalez. My best wishes and blessing to the new city council. All the candidates for city council should hold their heads high; running for office is not easy. For me, it has been a very humbling, exciting and difficult experience. I am proud to have been one of you.

Let’s all continue to get involved and work together for the future of our city. Thank you and God bless you all!


Jelmin Caba

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