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Perth Amboy Caucus/City Council 11/10 & 11/12/14 Meeting

PERTH AMBOY – R-548-11/14 Authorizing a one (1) year contract with Colgate Paper Stock Co., Inc., New Brunswick, NJ for the marketing and processing of recyclables.



Department of Public Works Director, Frank Dann gave a detailed explanation of this resolution at the 11/10/14 Caucus Meeting. “Colgate Paper Stock Co. was contracted for this one year contract because two of the former recycling plants we used went out of business. The Colgate Plant in New Brunswick was the closest in our area. Our recycling has gone up a lot. Colgate Paper Stock Co. would rather we bring dry paper to their plant. Colgate will test the moisture in wet paper. If it exceeds their tolerance, we will not get credit. We monitor consumer price marketing.”

Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez said “The contract gave Colgate first preference to rebid after the one year contract ends.”
At the 11/12/14 Council Meeting resident Alan Silber recalled that an owner of another recycling company warned the City that commingling recyclables would not be good.

Colgate Paper Stock Company was awarded the contract for one year. The resolution was moved by Councilman Bill Petrick and seconded by Councilman Fernando Irizarry. R-548 passed.

Former Councilman Kenneth Ballut took exception with Resolution 571.

R-571 -11/14 – Approving of the Raritan Bay Area YMCA’s Alteration of the Perth Amboy Community Complex gymnasium exterior to add a plaque in honor of the late Jack Cerulo.

Balut brought up the fact, “The YMCA still owes almost a million dollars to the City and when will the Y be turned over to the City?”

He brought up the name of Tom Zambrowski who worked on the campaign of the Diaz Team.

Balut said that the late Cerulo and Zambrowski were members of the UEZ. “How can the Y still owe us money when they get all these funds from different organizations who use the facilities? Tell me the last time the UEZ did something about the downtown?”

He told the Council, “You grapple over a $10,000 water bill and neglect a million dollar bill.”

YMCA President and CEO Steve Jobin said, “Cerulo was a  great leader and served the community well over the years and deserves this honor.”

The Resolution was moved by Irizarry and Seconded by Petrick. R-571 passed.

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