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BID To Expand to 15 Board Members

Residents attending the 11/12/14 Council Meeting *Photo by Carolyn Maxwell

Residents attending the 11/12/14 Council Meeting
*Photo by Carolyn Maxwell

Councilman  Kenneth Gonzalez

Kenneth Gonzalez

PERTH AMBOY – BID (Business Improvement District) Board Member and Business Owner Virginia Lugo spoke at the 11/12/14 Council Meeting. Lugo told those in attendance, “On February 6, 2015 there will

Barry Rosengarten

BID Chair Barry Rosengarten

be an election for BID’s. None of the business owners can vote on this – only members that are on the Board already. I voted against this resolution. The Board voted against an amendment to allow business owners to participate in the election. I’m hoping the Council can initiate something.”

City Attorney Mark Blunda said, “The BID is a corporation which makes its own by-laws. It is self-governing.”

BID Chair Barry Rosengarten stated to the Council  that the Board will be expanded to 15 members. Business owners are invited to submit their resumes. The BID meeting was held earlier that evening at the YMCA. “We have an open forum.”


BID Board Member Virginia Lugo

BID Board Member Virginia Lugo

Reinaldo Avelis

Reinaldo Avelis

Resident Reinaldo Avelis said, “People that are being assessed should be allowed to vote.” He also mentioned the fact that there are 3 employees from the City who are on the BID Board. Besides the Mayor, these employees are: Jeanette Rios, Annie Hindenlang and Yvonne Lopez, “Whom I love dearly. To say it’s representative of businesses is not so. These individuals are not paying assessments. There seems to be some collusion. 501c3s are not government. Non-profits and City Employees should not be on the BID.”

Former Councilman and Councilman-Elect Fernando Gonzalez retorted, “The City Council created the BID,” and asked Bludna, “Can the Council abolish it?”

Blunda answered an affirmative, “Yes.”

F. Gonzalez continued, “You (the Council) have the responsibility to create what is best for the community and businesses. I’ve been to many BID meetings. I don’t know how they got there. It is incumbent of this council to look to see if the BID is being run properly. You created it (the BID) and you can abolish it and start with something better on behalf of the business community.

Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez who did not seek reelection, mentioned the divisive campaigning, “But we have more in common than differences.Lugo and Avelis brought up valid points. I’m hoping the BID attorney can help the BID move in a more positive direction. Perhaps the Business community will be able to see positive results for themselves.”

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