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Pabon Makes No Apologies For Campaign Contributions

Council President Joel Pabon

Council President
Joel Pabon

PERTH AMBOY – Council President Joel Pabon answered critics who complained about the amount of money that was contributed to his and his running mates ticket, the Perth Amboy United Campaign. He also addressed the challenging of certain ballots. Pabon stated, “The money comes in and you use it. I served 23 years of my life in the military. It’s disrespectful when someone filled out a ballot, then told someone to just sign it. It was up to the voters to fill out the ballots themselves and sign it. Some ballots were not sealed. I’ve never sold myself  and I don’t have any relatives on the State payroll. I came to give back to the City and only left to serve in the military. I give everything I can, but I can’t satisfy everyone.”

Pabon made these comments in response to a resident who complained that certain Council Members should have been ashamed to speak during the Veterans Day Ceremony because they tried to suppress over 500 election day ballots.

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