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Analyze This! Nanton Hands Over Dirty Water Sample to USA-PA

Lisa Nanton

Lisa Nanton

PERTH AMBOY – At the request of Councilwoman Lisa Nanton 3 representatives from USA-PA spoke before the Council at the 11/24/14 Caucus Meeting to give their annual report.

Former B.A. Greg Fehrenbach was on hand. He was instrumental in helping the City negotiate a deal with Middlesex Water to bring down the debt incurred by the previous administration.

Representatives from Middlesex Water included Dennis W. Doll, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Risoldi, Vice President and COO, Middlesex Water Company, and A. Bruce O’Connor, Vice President, Controller and Chief Financial Officer.

Risoldi fielded most of the questions asked by Councilwoman Nanton. He said, “There are curbed boxes that allows us to shut off valves to each customer. We receive about 4 to 5 complaints a month in reference to low pressure.”

Nanton was concerned about the southern section of town. She stated, “Minerals and irons are in our water.” With this said, she showed a representative a jar of murky water and stated, “This was filtered out from the line that comes into my house.”

Greg Fehrenbach

Greg Fehrenbach

Risoldi responded, “We take samplings of water from 17 commercial sites throughout the town. Nanton handed him the jar. Risoldi said they would take it for analysis.

Former B.A. Greg Fehrenbach said, “In 2008 we were in debt to Middlesex Water or USA-PA from the previous administration. We satisfied $5 million of that debt in 2012. There was a shortfall in year one.

O’Connor noted, “The City is current with their payments. In reference to the water, they (the minerals) come from the pipes itself and not from the plant. The flushing that we do gets the larger particles out of the pipes. We flush the system every October.”

Fehrenbach said, “Some 4 inch lines will be replaced by new 8 inch piping lines.”

Risoldi said, “There will be cement water-lining which will cut down on the iron. An evaluation of where we need to put the new 8 inch pipes will be done.”

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