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Mayor Henry Highlights Past Achievements and Projects to Look Forward to in 2015

Mayor Fred Henry delivers his speech at the 1/5/15 Reorganization Meeting    *Photo by Carolyn Maxwell

Mayor Fred Henry delivers his speech at the 1/5/15 Reorganization Meeting *Photo by Carolyn Maxwell

SOUTH AMBOY – Mayor Fred Henry made remarks to those in attendance after he was sworn in.

Henry recognized certain individuals in attendance. This included: Surrogate Kevin Hoagland, Former Council President Joe Connors, John O’Connell who ran against him in 2014 and representatives from the 19th District. He congratulated Mickey Gross who was  newly reelected and is now the new Council President and Christine Noble who was also reelected and will serve as the VP.

“I look forward with working with them and the other Council Members.”

Henry was happy to announce that the City had received a $1.8 million grant which helped with Waterfront improvements. “Our Senior Citizens were moved back to the Center on Stevens Avenue and I am pleased to announce that there has been an increase of Senior Citizens participating in activities. This is a win for our Seniors. We have renegotiated a lease with the “Y”. Venetian Healthcare opened up and some residents have moved in. It’s a great rateable.”

Henry gave a progress report on how the Ferry is moving along. “As you know, dealing with Federal funds is not an easy task. DOT Meetings have been held to discuss designs of the terminal and the parking lot. The Fire and Police Department participated in Emergency Drills which took place in Texas. Our participation in these drills included a simulated emergency train wreck. Transit was very pleased with our response time. I want to congratulate Fire Chief Mike Geraltowswki, First Assistant Chief John Kelly, and Second Assistant Chief Steve Szatkowski who were sworn in on January 1, 2015. I would also like to thank outgoing Fire Chief Brett Coyle for his service. The City is saving $8000 a year with the new communications and apparatus equipment for our Emergency Services. Our office and the Fire Department have a more open dialogue.” He recognized Police Chief Darren Lavigne and the other Police Personnel in attendance for their service.

“The Police Department has also improved their communications operations. A $43,000 CDBG was used to repave some of our roads and sidewalk curbs. The JCPL Building was finally dismantled and there were improvements done on John Street. The McCormick/Sands deal was closed on 12/30/14. I want to thank the various Boards for working together to get this done. We received $3.8 million from the Redevelopment Agency. We are in a better financial situation and have a surplus. I want to thank B.A. Camille Tooker and her staff for a job well done. Our challenge is to continue on a positive path. I’m looking for the party’s help in that.”

He thanked his Mom and his adopted Aunt Lois and especially his wife, Linda.

“I also want to thank all that supported me or not, but I am here for all our residents.”

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