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Securing Social Security 

LetterThe real danger to Social Security are those politicians and lobbyists who want to destroy the Social Security program while claiming they want to save it. This goes back thirty years when Reagan signed a law to tax Social Security benefits even though people paid tax on their contributions during their working life. Another attack was to raise the age to receive benefits. That does not guarantee a job to that retirement age.

If wages were raised that would also increase payments into the Social Security fund. Raising the upper limit to that $200,000 figure would also increase payments. Since imports do not contribute, just add a 15% tariff to all imported goods and services to compensate for jobs shipped offshore. A longer life expectancy, which is an average statistic, is no reason for a higher retirement age. Should people be punished for living a healthy life?

Social Security was created to benefit people who lived to an old age, not as disguised taxation.

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Life or Death – I Vote Death

– I Thought

As the sentencing phase of the trial in the Boston Marathon bombing has begun, I’ve had occasion to have a few conversations, or is that, have a few and have conversations. Doesn’t matter, I’ve talked to a few people on the subject and was surprised to find even the Liberals were for death.

As for me I vote death, or so I thought. While doing the research for this letter, I came across an article that said the father of little Martin Richard, (the 8 year old killed in the blast), wanted the death penalty taken off the table. I found this strange since this turd not only killed his little boy, but took a leg from his 6 year old daughter Jane, injured his oldest son Henry, blinded his wife Denise in one eye, and he, Bill Richard, was burned and had both eardrums ruptured.

Make no mistake, if that were me and my family, who’s only “crime” was to go watch a marathon, who were devastated by some turd with a grudge, I’d vote for death. I’d want to be the one to push the plunger and use the expired or defective drugs we have all heard about.

As far as I’m concerned this piece of human excrement and his brother has cost us enough money. I wonder if anyone has calculated the amount of money these two rocket scientists cost us. The manhunt alone, causing the city of Bostonto shut down. Man-hours of all first responders and special law enforcement used to respond to the blasts and to find those responsible. The medical costs. The cost of the trial. Add in the emotional trauma of the devastated victims and their families and the cost is too much to fathom. All the while paying for medical treatment, food, and whatever else it took to keep this turd alive so we could bring him to trial.

So why would Bill Richard want the death penalty taken off the table. His reasoning is sound. If turdman is sentenced to death, the seemingly endless appeals process would cause Bill and his family to relive this tragedy over and over again. He just wants to put this thing behind them and start picking up the pieces.

I can relate. A little over thirty years ago my friend’s father was murdered. The judge in the trial didn’t charge the jury properly. He left out diminished capacity, probably because he didn’t think it applied in this case. But, a retrial was ordered and the family, who had since moved out of state, had to come back to Jersey. They had to relive the whole incident again. Upon her return home after the new trial the mother, who was frail to begin with, dropped dead of a heart attack. So yes, I understand his position. However, in this case, there was no doubt of his guilt. The only reason this guy stopped stabbing my friends father is because a cop shot him, in the house, in the act. There should have been no appeal and no retrial. The judge did not think diminished capacity applied the first time around.

So it is with the marathon case. He did it, no question. His brother and he were partners in crime, (not one influencing the other), so there should be no appeals process. But with our justice system, such as it is, the endless appeals process might add millions more to the price tag of this whole debacle. Plus add to the pain and suffering of the victims, who have suffered enough already.

Last I heard it costs approximately $40,000.00 dollars, or so, a year to maintain a prisoner. So I change my vote to life. Who knows? Maybe a judge, or whose ever decision it is, will have the infinite wisdom to put this guy in general population. Then we could kill two birds with one stone, (no pun intended).

Joe Bayona



The May 12, 2015 Perth Amboy Council Election should be a very interesting one. Our City and Country are faced with major issues such as Bank Fraud, which have destroyed local, and State budgets, the housing crisis and the United Nations Agenda 21 plan for America’s future. It is very important for all VOTERS to remember the system of checks and balances. To put it more plainly “do you want all of your eggs in one basket?”

Susan Batista

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