Letters to the Editor, June 8, 2015

Silent Too Long

I am a student at Perth Amboy High School. I have kept silent these last two years but no longer can I keep silent. No longer can I let the injustice at Perth Amboy High School go by without a peep from the students. Many students here at Perth Amboy High School feel this way but have no idea how to help this situation and neither do I; this is my last ditch effort in hopes of stopping the remarkably unpopular and illogical decisions occurring.

Contrary to reputation, the students of Perth Amboy High School care deeply about the education we receive. As of late, unpopular decisions regarding academics were made. Not just unpopular but illogical. I, as well as many other students, have decided to take AP US History. The AP US History teacher is smart man who cares deeply for his students and has a vast knowledge in history – each student who has taken his class have felt they have grown as an individual and have gained a surplus of knowledge.

Effective next year, that teacher will no longer be teaching the subject and will be replaced. According to the administration here at Perth Amboy High School, he is being replaced because not enough of the students pass the AP exam (I had asked for scores or a percentage, the Social Studies adviser had said they cannot give it to students – I’m positive they can give the scores, not the names of the students, but are unwilling).

It is important to understand that there are many students who are taking the course because of success and joy previous students have had with him; these students who have excitedly joined the class are dropping them as quickly as they have signed up for them. It is an understandable argument that students should take the class for the subject and college credits, but it’s not just the replacement of a beloved teacher that’s causing student anger alone – the teacher is being replaced with an incompetent one.

I had talked to the Social Studies adviser and according to her, the decision to make him the AP teacher is because he has a Doctorate’s degree. This teacher has taught general and AP history last year, I decided to talk with the students who have had him (around 20 so far) and it was unanimous that he was not well liked. It is a not a simple “oh he was mean” argument, it was more so that he did not teach the students. He assigned constant book work and meaningless projects (e.g a singing project) and seldom addressed the class except for attendance. The results from the students who had him as an AP teacher was failing the AP exam.

Why is it that this teacher who is disliked by the students and proven to be unsuccessful as an AP teacher replacing a well received and successful AP teacher? The current AP US History teacher should be replaced with someone who knows the subject – not by someone who simply because they have “Dr.” in front of their name. Doctor does not equal teacher.

Consistently the administration is ignoring the student opinion in favor of petty dislike and their own image. See, it makes them look better if they have a doctor teaching the AP course so if the students fail the exam it will not affect them much as individuals looking to advance in their career. It is not just the AP US History teacher that is being replaced, it is multiple teachers that are being replaced – note that the teachers being replaced are those that encourage student opinion and object to senseless decisions.

One teacher in particular has even decided to resign because of the senseless decisions. This teacher taught AP Psychology, everyone loves him and his scores are frequently high and passing. But because he objects to administration decisions (e.g a static learning that will not contribute to the growth in students) and encourages student opinion, the administration had attempted to place him in the Adult School. Another AP Psychology teacher with over 20 years of experience was replaced with those who have never taught AP Psychology – mind you, she’s consistently had passing AP students, and placed her in a course that she did not even major in.

I have so much to say about this. Please, please, please listen and respond. Too long have we ignored this matter and it has taken a negative toil on the students.

Thank you,
Yanae Zorrilla

Still Asking Questions

I see the concerned public is still asking questions about the Dixon Rodriguez shooting at the City Council meeting. This was on the videos that were released to the public and were very grainy. To me, this shooting has a story behind it. It’s either the videos or someone is pressing some buttons to control this matter. I know the Mayor wants this to go away. In others words HUSH, HUSH and its back to normal. Here in America we have the U.S. Dept. of Justice that looks into police shootings. MAYBE they can answer the public concern about this police shooting. The Rodriguez family has filed a lawsuit against the City. I know this is where so-called wheels and deals are being made behind the closed doors.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez


One of the things that has always aggravated me are those religious leaders who use God as a commodity. Jesus teaches us to simplify our lives and forsake earthly possessions. Yet there are so many who preach, but do not practice. They always manage to siphon off more than enough to live a lavish lifestyle. I’m writing this to try to expose these hypocrites!

Be careful of those who lead you in prayer while preying upon you.

Be leery of those who tell you how evil money is while stuffing their pockets with the same.

Pay attention to those who preach humility but are far from humble themselves.

Don’t be so blinded by an oration when the words are so obviously transparent.

Be mindful that those who promise to lead you to heaven might end up in that other place.

In short, be vigilant of those who claim to serve God while they are only serving themselves.

Michael J. Rusznak

Going to the Dogs

Here we go again. Let’s just say why is Perth Amboy going to the dogs –  a hundred-year old industry was forced to vacate because of  the master plan and the value of their land as a strategic part of the waterfront redevelopment projects. Now that the Landings project has been scaled tremendously back and the developers have not been held accountable for the promises they made to this city. The city thus is responsible for the loss of jobs that this facility was providing and the ratable and taxes this company was paying. Now we have no master plan.

Just as I thought, the property across the street that  provides medical laundry services was untouched by this redevelopment proposal. I ask myself, “Why?” Now the best use for this prime waterfront property is a dog park? Who’s making money on this deal? One good thing is now we will have a facility for the drug dealers in town to exercise their pit-bulls. I’m sorry, I meant to say future entrepreneurs. I encourage you to respond to these questions!



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