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Perth Amboy Arts Council Highlights 2015 Efforts

Press Release

Arts CouncilPERTH AMBOY – The Perth Amboy Arts Council, an advisory Board to the City Council and Mayor Wilda Diaz, used their January 2016 meeting to hilite the wide-ranging series of accomplishments the Council was able to present to the City during 2015.

“We’re very proud to have been able to help the local artists, Perth Amboy’s citizens and the City businesses and government in so many ways this past year”, announced Carolyn Pozycki, the past President of the Council.  “We really hit the ground running”.  As a new advisory board, the Council had to establish its own operating procedures and connect with the local art community and businesses, as well as create and supports for the artistic interests of the City’s residents.

Incoming President Greg Bender provided a long list of the many Arts initiatives Caroline and the Council were able to complete during the past year:

Council Events

• Partnered with the Perth Amboy Recreation Dept. to hold a successful Waterfront Arts Festival with over 100 artists and 1000 attendees.

• Collaborated with the Perth Amboy School District on a trip for high school students to Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts for an exclusive viewing of the BFA visual Art exhibit and a tour of the department.

• Conducted, with Proprietary House Association, a tour of works by Perth Amboy artist Tom Ward.

• Collaborated with the BID on the 4th of July waterfront art and food offerings

• Collaborated with JRF on the Amboy Ave Street Fair performing musicians.

Public Murals

• Developed and made available a Perth Amboy Mural Application

• Prioritized a recommended list of mural sites for the City.

• Reviewed and approved a mural project at the corner of Herbert & Smith St.

Perth Amboy Artists Registry

• Working to expand the City Artist’s Registry by incorporating all artists who have worked in Perth Amboy over the past 2 years.

• Connected artists from the registry with paid work opportunities.


• Arranged front page “preview” story in the Home News Tribune for the Waterfront Arts Festival, and follow up photos and stories covering the event; and news coverage on NJ News Channel 12.

• Received front-page coverage in the Home News Tribune for the Herbert Street Mural dedication.

• Received Amboy Guardian coverage, including an op-ed on the Arts Council, and articles on the Waterfront Arts Festival, the Mural dedication and the student’s visit to the Mason Gross School of the Arts.

• Created the Arts Council and Waterfront Arts Festival Facebook pages.

• Promoted Arts events with well-designed email invitations.

• Photographed and videotaped Perth Amboy arts events.

Arts Council Auxiliary Members

• Invited artists from the artist’s registry to Arts Council meetings and to become auxiliary members of the Arts Council.

• Heard artists’ project proposals.


• Wrote and passed bylaws for the Arts Council.

• Developed a band contract to be used for future musical events.

• Worked with the City to complete the Creative Placemaking Arts Plan.

“For a newly-formed advisory Board to accomplish all these actions in its first year is remarkable and we salute Caroline for her determined leadership”, Bender said.  “The Council plans to continue to encourage and promote the growth of the Arts community in Perth Amboy and to use Arts awareness and appreciation to spur economic development”.

The Arts Council meets monthly.  Further information on meetings and events can be found on the Council’s Face Book page.

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