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Five Points by Board President Lebreault

2/11/16 Board of Education Meeting

By: Katherine Massopust

Board President Sam Lebreault

Board President
Sam Lebreault

PERTH AMBOY – During the President’s Report, Board President Sam Lebreault stated five major points he wanted to emphasize. The Amboy Guardian reached out to Lebreault who explained each of the five points.

1.) The Board of Education is looking into purchasing 3 properties near the Patten School located at 500 Charles St. (Off of Hall Avenue). “The reason for this is not only to create parking for teachers and staff, but to create traffic patterns to make it a lot easier for parents to drop kids off. There will be one-way traffic in front of the school and more control of traffic on Charles and Elizabeth Streets. We will be building a cul-de-sac to provide for ease of traffic.”

2.) The Bus Depot – the Board of Education is looking at the East Avenue Property as well as other areas to build a bus depot. “We already own the East Avenue Property but if another property is more suited for our needs, the Board will be looking into purchasing it.”

3.) The SDA (School Development Authority) has requested that the Board of Education have a name given to the Seamen Avenue School. “The Board will reach out to the public for suggestions, but Board will decide on the name of it.”

4.) The final purchase of the Delaney Homes Property is in the works. The SDA wants to know what programs to be expected to be held at the new high school. “We will work to present to the state what is required by them.”

5.) The Board of Education Election has been moved to April 2016.  The City is challenging that. In reference to the City Council: “The Board of Education is a separate entity than the Council. We are a self-governing body. The law’s written part (referring to the election) is ambiguous. The Board has the right to move it.  In some districts the Board of Education is appointed by the City Council. It (this ordinance) was never meant for fully elected bodies. The Board wishes to keep political influence out of the election. The City Council (on 2/10/16) wanted to move the election back to November. We (The BOE) want what’s best for the BOE’s purpose. We’re taking it to court. I’m only guessing, but the court will have to act expeditiously.”

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