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An Orderly Succession

LetterThe unexpected death of a Supreme Court Justice shows a problem in the original design of the US Constitution. Only monarchs and dictators serve for life; republics have a fixed term of office. The US Constitution should be amended to set an age limit for the Supreme Court. Using seventy should prevent senility. The purpose of this change is to provide an orderly succession to the Supreme Court as is done with all other branches of government.

President Obama should name a replacement and the Senate should vote on his nominee. The worst thing the Senate could do is to do nothing. Senators will be elected this November. Who wants to tell the voters they did nothing?

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Board Of Education Change of Election Dates

Hi Carolyn,

I just read the Amboy Guardian, and I think there is confusion on what I said at the recent council meeting, as I was misquoted in your paper. The OPRA request I submitted was to the Board of Education Admin, not the clerks, and upon finding facts of when the notice was published, only 24hrs prior to the meeting, I communicated this information to both the County and Municipal Clerk.

Below is a copy of the communication sent to the clerks, to provide clarity.


— On Mon, 1/25/16, S Hubb <> wrote:

From: S Hubb <>

Subject: Board Of Education Change of Election Dates

To: “Elaine Flynn” <>

Cc: “Elaine Jasko” <>, “Victoria K” <>

Date: Monday, January 25, 2016, 11:03 AM

Dear Elaine Flynn,

I’m writing you to bring to your attention the following matter concerning a recent special meeting held by the Perth Amboy Board of Education on January 12, 2016 at 5pm, location of Perth Amboy High School Auditorium.

It is my concern that the Board of Education failed to give proper notice to the public as prescribed by NJ Sunshine laws. Specifically the following sections as it relates to Special meetings: “A “48-Hour Notice” is required when a public body wishes to convene a meeting which has not been listed on the annual notice or regularly scheduled meetings. The Law mandates the public body to provide a written notice at least 48 hours prior to the convening of the meeting. The “48-Hour Notice” must contain the time, date, location and, to the extent known, the agenda of the meeting. Both the “Annual Notice” and the “48-Hour Notice”

must be (1) prominently posted in at least one public place reserved for such announcements, (2) transmitted to two newspapers in time for publication 48-hours in advance of the meeting, (3) filed with appropriate Municipal or County Clerk or the Secretary of State if the public body has statewide authority, and (4) mailed to any person upon request.”

Based on this information, I have OPRA requested the attached documents from the Perth Amboy School administration.

Attached is a copy of the board of education notice (see attachment boenotice.pdf) which does not indicate the TWO newspapers the notice was sent to. Upon further inquiry of which paper this notice was sent to, I received an affidavit copy of an electronic print published by the Courrier News (see attachment boeNotice1Epaper.pdf) . I was not provided  with a copy of a physical print of the newspaper notice, however, after reviewing the newspaper electronic Ad, I see that it had a run date of January 11, 2016, which is only 24 hours prior to the special meeting and not 48 hours. The primary reason the Perth Amboy Board of Education had this special meeting was to change the Election date from November 2016 to April 2016. (Please see attachment boeResolution.pdf) While I understand the urgency of the Perth Amboy Board of Education to have this special meeting, I am perplexed by the un-timely notice.

Since, your office certifies any changes, I thought I would bring this matter to your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Sharon D. Hubberman

Perth Amboy Republican Org

Municipal Chair

cc: attachments BOE notice; BOE eprint of Courrier


A copy of the signed Resolution and meeting notices are available at

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