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Public Comments – 4/11/16 Caucus

PERTH AMBOY – R-184-4/16 Authorizing change to order no. 1 to the contract with Black Rock Enterprises, LLC for the replacement of 4 inch diameter water mains with 8 inch diameter water mains in an amount not to exceed $105,106.65 for work at the Charter School, 613 Amboy Ave.

Stanley Sierakowski 4 cmyk

Stanley Sierakowski

Resident Stanley Sierakowski said, “The City entered into a contract with the Charter School a couple of months ago. Is there anything in writing stating that the Charter School will reimburse the City?” He wanted to know: “If so, what is the time frame of the payments and the estimated cost?” Sierakowski was also concerned that Planning Board hasn’t had a quorum in a very long time. “Who’s in charge. They’re always cancelling meetings.”

Resident Ken Balut came up to speak. He asked the Council, “Did we find skeletal remains at the Waterfront? Were 2 people arrested for impersonating Police Officers? There are a lot of drugs going on in town. Why aren’t the Landings Residents here complaining? Problems are going to PARA and Kushner’s Representatives will be appearing at their Meeting tomorrow night (4/12/16 see Page 1).”

Balut then spoke about the YMCA. “They’re getting $1500 a week from the Charter School. Why are they paying to use the Y facilities? Why doesn’t the City take over the Y Building? The Y also rents out the auditorium for $90 an hour. I put in an OPRA request for the operating expenses of the Y, but got very little information. The Y is making money and the City is losing money. The buildings at the Landings still leak.”

City Law Director Arlene Quinones said, “The Council should speak to the PARA Attorney about the Landings.”
Before leaving the podium Balut took a parting shot, “The Landings (Kushner) has reneged on a lot of their original amenities.”

Annie Hindenlang, who is on the Perth Amboy Redevelopment Board said, “The Developer is amending changes to the old plan and the Meeting scheduled for 4/12/16 is open to the public. The Planning Board and PARA has to work together.”

Resident Susan Batista came up to speak, “I see that I’m on the closed session for the litigation against the City. Is this to discuss the old suit or the new suit I just filed?”

Law Director Quinones said, “It is for your old Federal Case. The tort claim you just filed has been turned down because it was done on an incorrect form.”

Batista said, “I filed the claim on April 6 and used the form that I was told to use.”

Next, Resident L. Cruz from Kearny Avenue came up to speak. Cruz is a member of The United Dominican’s Group which puts on the Dominican Festival each year. He is also part of the Committee. “We put in a petition for the event in November 2015. It takes a year to raise funds to get entertainment for this festival. We want to hear the concerns of these residents and a lot of Dominicans pay taxes here. We don’t want to divide the community. We want to come up with a solution.”

Resident David Caba came up to speak next. Caba talked about Law Director Arlene Quinones, who admitted making a mistake. Then addressing Councilman Joel Pabon, Caba said, “How many times can we allow an Attorney to make a mistake. We are not getting opportunities in Perth Amboy.”

Alan Silber 4a

Alan Silber

Resident Alan Silber came up next, “Was it a mistake to disregard making the B.A. a permanent Business Administrator. What about changing his title and having him do the same duties? There were a number of mistakes made continuously. When the previous B.A.’s title was changed, it required that he be a resident. The Attorney is supposed to be here (as her title suggests) and not to be a part of the speaking public. Will Pabon and the rest of the Council continue to disregard the City’s Charter? The Lawyer is wearing all of these hats except as City Attorney. When she wants to help to re-elect the Mayor, that’s fine, but not on the taxpayers money.”

Pabon answered back to Silber’s remarks, “I’m standing by what I said and my principles when I voted for her (Quinones-Perez). I’ve been here five years and I’m standing by my decisions. She’s not supporting us. To Mr. Caba: are we not supporting Duarte? It’s up to the people to come here to apply for positions.”

Luis Perez Jimenez – Director of Operations at the at the USA-PA (Utility Service Associates Perth Amboy) Middlesex Water Company) answered Sierakowski’s question about the Charter School. Jimenez said, “There was low pressure at the Charter School location and they needed to extend their line from Amboy Avenue to the City’s Main Water Line.”

Business Administrator Adam Cruz also commented, “The Charter School has paid $33,000 so far. (See R-184 (Page 1))

Councilman Irizarry said, “We’ve voted on a Resolution for $85,000 payment for the Charter School.”
B.A. Cruz interjected, “It was $66,000.”

Council President Lisa Nanton said, “The $85,000 would be the difference between the $105,106.65 that’s on our R-184 and the $66,000 payment that the B.A. mentioned.”

Law Director Arlene Quinones cautioned the Council, “This should be discussed in closed session.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez talked about the Kushner problems at the Landings. “In 2000, Kushner was supposed to take the Courthouse, Police Station and the Fire House. Now we have a $4 million contract that we (the City) are paying interest on. We have lost 8 years with no taxes being collected on those properties. Now Kushner is coming before PARA with another project. Kushner should be paying interest on these properties. We need to know how to increase the City’s tax base.”

Councilman Bill Petrick said, “We have to remove oil tanks off of these properties.”

Council President Nanton requested, “How much tax money have we lost while the properties sat there?”

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