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Tolerance and the Hypocritical Racist

LetterI believe that mostly everyone is aware of the acts of violence that are being committed on a daily basis around the world. This is not an article about that. However, this is an editorial about how some victims of racism also act as racists themselves.

You might be wondering what I’m talking about? How can someone be both a victim of racism and a racist? Unfortunately, people like this exist all over the world and the unfortunate thing is the same people who despise being discriminated against also discriminate against others.

The truth is an individual (or group of individuals) cannot use terms along the lines of “why are you so racist” or “stop discriminating against me” when they themselves do the same thing to others. I have heard dark tan Hispanic/Latinx individuals telling African Americans they do not deserve to be in our town. I have heard Mexicans telling Peruvians “their people” will never be accepted in the United States of America. Two Middle Eastern men went into a shop and claimed the workers were racist for helping two white Puerto Ricans who had arrived after them.

I understand feeling discriminated. I am a white, Spanish, physically disabled woman who was born and raised in the fifteenth worst city in New Jersey, was raised by a male Cuban immigrant and a “New Yoriquen” woman. I battled a large system to receive an education and ended up graduating from a “white” high school miles away. I started my advocacy career fighting against racism and discrimination. However, I was also raised by two incredible people who taught me many impacting life lessons including tolerance. My parents raised me to love all of the different people around me. They also taught me how to analyze my surroundings and how to protect myself if I found myself in any form of danger.

Perth Amboy is a town made up of Dominicans, Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, Indians, African Americans, Salvadorians, Peruvians, among other traces of life. We live in a beautifully diverse city with a different culture being celebrated from shop to shop. Religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism, Muslims can also be celebrated throughout over 100 places of worship throughout the city. Why can’t people tolerate one another, show each other some respect? When people learn how to tolerate one another so many goals can be reached and the city would be a better place for everyone.

Tolerance does not mean an individual has to like another individual. Tolerance means the individual does have to acknowledge and respect another individual. Acting as a tolerate individual means you help your neighbors and move on with your life peacefully. There is no butt kissing or butt kicking. There is love, peace and acceptance. When you learn to be tolerate to others there will be a positive shift in your attitude and a weight will be lifted from your shoulders. People will begin to accept your thoughts and ideas because they see that you are willing to accept their thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, tolerance is not a skill that is gained overnight. It is a skill that has to build up over time and may be changed as the times change. No one has to open their home doors to everyone in the community, however, we should all learn to accept one another.

The next time you find yourself confronted in a situation claimed to be racism related, stand back and analyze the situation. Is it really racism or is it simply a lack of tolerance?

Stephanie Rodriguez

Crooked Hillary

Hillary’s rise to power is the result of the Clinton’s getting rid of anyone who posed a threat to their dirty deals, corrupt policies and the many scandals and mysterious deaths, (all are ruled suicides) that they are, and have been involved in. Going back to that Arkansas Rose Law Firm. Whitewater, Travelgate and improprieties in the then – governor’s office, massive illegal tax write off’s of properties in the Ozark Mountains for which DAVE LOPER, Clinton’s partner in these scandals and JIM MCDONALD, ANOTHER partner, who was found guilty and died while serving his sentence for his role in these crimes. Hillary and Bill were equally guilty, but no jail time for them! How come? Why are they so protected, even to this day? They were fully involved in all these schemes and scandals.

How come DR. DONALD ROGERS, DENTIST killed in a suspicious plane crash on way to an interview with a reporter to reveal info about the Clinton’s and their involvement in these underhanded plots.

How come JOHN WILSON, Washington D.C. Council Member with ties to Whitewater died from a suspicious hanging, ruled as suicide?

How come MARY MUHANE Whitehouse intern, about to testify about sexual harassment in the White House, was mysteriously gunned down in a coffee shop?

How come C. VICTOR RAISER II and his son, MONTGOMERY RAISER, Clinton’s allies aware of all this corruption, were both killed in a suspicious plane crash in Alaska? What did they know?

How come PAUL TULLY Democratic National Chairman was found dead in a Little Rock, Arkansas hotel room? No cause determined. No autopsy allowed. Ruled a suicide. What did he know?

How come ED WILLEY, major Clinton fundraiser was found dead in the woods of Virginia with a gunshot to his head? Willey’s wife went public about Bill Clinton’s groping incident.

But the biggest cover-up – VINCE FOSTER. Whitehouse Counsel, closest person to Bill who know too much about the ongoing bribes and corruption had an appointment with Bill (probably to resign) was found dead in his car in a park of a bullet. (He was on his lunch hour) Ruled a suicide! Foster did not kill himself. Was he was murdered?

F.B.I. DIRECTOR WILLIAM SESSIONS, who became very suspicious about the Clinton’s corrupt policies and political influence, was ordered to “step down.” When he refused, Bill Clinton fired him on the spot and was told to vacate his office immediately. This took place on MONDAY, JULY 19, 1993, the day before VINCE FOSTER was found dead. There was no F.B.I. Director when FOSTER was murdered.

Forty-six (46) people have mysteriously died during the Clinton’s three decades of political power.

Hillary believes she is above the law and deserves to be president. GOD FORBID! She and Bill are ruthless, corrupt and greedy. They can be bought easily. Taking bribes is their political way of getting ahead and will stop at nothing to get back in the Whitehouse.

We must keep them out. They are dishonest crooks. VOTE HER OUT. I want America to be great again. I want my country back again. That won’t happen with Crooked HILLARY.

Mary Vargo

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