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South Amboy Tackles Parking Problems & Puppy Mills

10/5/16 Business Meeting

noparkingSOUTH AMBOY – Business Administrator Camille Tooker mentioned complaints about the parking problems on O’Leary Boulevard during special events. She stated, “The Police Chief, the head of the Traffic Safety Department, the City Engineer and the Zoning Officer decided that putting no parking signs would be the best solution. The signs are on the corners of the street directing motorists that there is no parking up to a certain point from that corner.”

Councilman Donald Applegate said, “The arrows on the signs are unclear.”

Mayor Henry added to Applegate’s comments, “The signs should have written on them: “No parking from here to corner.””

Councilman Reilly said, “Motorists should utilize the parking at the school and library when special events are taking place in that area.”

Mayor Henry said, “Besides warnings, maybe cars should be towed.”

Attorney John Lanza, Jr. who was sitting in for his father, John Lanza, Sr. discussed a memo regarding a resolution pertaining to restrictions on the sale of animals. This had to do with restricting animal shops from selling puppy mill animals.  Lanza told the Council, “You can have Police issue summons. “There are exceptions for hobby breeders. Some things fall through the cracks.”

He suggested that maybe the Council could tweek their ordinance.

B.A. Tooker said, “There was a resident who wanted a resolution to restrict the sale of animal shops from selling animals from puppy mills.” She continued, “This resident wanted shops to only sell animals from shelters. We passed a resolution which was stricter than what the State has.”

John Lanza told the Council, “This should be done through the legislators and not locally, but the Council can send out a letter of support.”

Councilman Applegate said, “This should be done under the ASPCA.”

Council President Mickey Gross responded to Applegate and said, “You are 100% correct.”

Council Vice-President Christine Noble said, “We should use the State laws.”

Gross agreed and said, “Those laws have been on books for years and let the ASPCA take care of abuse cases.”

John Lanza concluded the discussion, “I’m letting the Council know if you don’t think the State laws are strong enough regarding animal shops selling dogs from puppy mills, then send something to them.”

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