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Award for ‘Pastor Berny’ Upcoming

Pastor Bernadette Falcon Lopez to Be Awarded the Martin Bartner Award at The NJ YMCA State Alliance Dinner

Press Release 10/10/16

PERTH AMBOY –  Pastor Bernadette Falcon Lopez, better known as Pastor Berny, is a proud Volunteer Board Member and supporter of the Y will receive the Martin Bartner Award at the 2016 New Jersey YMCA State Alliance Dinner on October 20, 2016, at Forsgate Country Club.

Mr. Martin Bartner, former Publisher of the Star-Ledger and longtime supporter of NJ YMCAs, had a lifelong commitment to the importance of diversity and inclusion. The Martin Bartner Award is presented by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance in affirmation of Mr. Bartner’s steadfast commitment to the intrinsic value of diversity and inclusion to healthy YMCAs, and healthy communities.

As the Martin Bartner Award 2016 recipient, Pastor Berny exemplifies inclusion in her work and volunteerism. She demonstrates her passion through the YMCA Core Values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility and Faith and is dedicated to her Ministry and Community, especially aiding the most vulnerable and homeless. Pastor Berny serves as Senior Pastor to God’s Army Ministries of NJ (GAM). GAM is a Christ centered community driven ministry that runs a Community Kitchen which serves meals to the needy and homeless. In addition, provides homeless care management and system navigation services in partnership with The Y and other community organizations.

“Just how Mr. Bartner did – Pastor Berny shows her love for God, The Y, the City of Perth Amboy, and children and families with everything she does,” said Steve Jobin, President & CEO of the RARITAN BAY AREA YMCA.

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