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Roman, Lebreault Give Reports

10/13/16 Board of Education Meeting

By: Katherine Massopust

BOE President Sam Lebreault

BOE President
Sam Lebreault

PERTH AMBOY – Board President Sam Lebreault gave his President’s Report, “We are working on the report for a program for the new High School (to be built on Convery Boulevard). We are working to scope and look at curriculums of other schools and put together a program to be built into the new High School. Our first meeting is next Monday (10/17/16).”

Lebreault continued, “For the Seaman Avenue School, we break ground in February or April 2017. It will house approximately 800 students and be occupied by the Fifth Grade. That school will be completed in 2019. In September 2019 we plan to open the doors to the students.”

The next topic included the cul-de-sac to be built. “We have purchased the properties in the area of the Patten School, Ignacio Cruz Center and Shull School area in order to build a cul-de-sac. We are working with the City to ease congestion in that area. We will see if we can make it one-way.”

In regards to school busses being parked all over town, “We reached out to the property to store busses. Board Vice President Varela (Not present at the 10/13/16 meeting) will be heading up this.”

Lebreault continued to speak about the upcoming election, “In a few weeks, the November 8th General Election takes place. On November 8th, please go right to the box for the Board of the Education and for the candidates of your choice. It’s very easy to forget to vote for the candidates for the Board of Education.”

On the PARCC exam, “For those of you who watched the presentation on PARCC (given earlier at the meeting) Dr. Roman is moving this district to distinction. The results were seen today. We’re making gains on every level. We’re putting curriculum in place to teach students in our area. Sometimes we need to point teachers in the right direction. The previous Superintendent allowed teachers in the same grade to have different (leeway?) Now, everyone is working together as a well-oiled unit. Now, the Board is working in union and going forward instead of going astray.”

Dr. David Roman gave the Superintendent’s Report, “Students have to address the role of staff in this district and have conversations of the role of teachers in this district. Teachers love the children here and hold them accountable to learn. I thank the staff of this district and mention all the students. We have the most phenomenal students I’ve met – very sophisticated, loving and kind. They’re real simple to love.

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