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Can Elections Be Rigged?

LetterThe worst overt example was in 2000 when US Supreme Court Justices voted to stop the recount in Florida and declare a victory for George W. Bush. Was this the result of a pay-off? Years earlier Attorney-General Meese had to resign when unlaundered drug money was found in his personal checking account. This was part of the “Contragate” scandal where George H. W. Bush was operating a gun running and drug smuggling operation based in Mena Arkansas. Guess who was Governor of Arkansas then? Was this operation ended then? The press reports a widespread heroin epidemic in America but never tells who is profiting.

Rigging elections has a long history in the United States, especially in big cities. If this isn’t in your schoolbook histories, you can find the proper books in your public library. One recent item in the news told how pressure was put on mayors to support the re-election of a state governor. In another state the governor was convicted of trying to sell the position of US Senator. Are these unique examples or only the ones who were caught?

Will the 2016 election be rigged to select the candidate favored by the Establishment or Ruling Class, who control the Corporate Media? It’s not impossible. I wonder what the newspapers will report next month?

Ronald A. Sobieraj

Downtown – Where is the Progress?

I’ve lived in Perth Amboy for more than 40 years. I used to be proud to have company come visit me because the city was so nice. I would take people down the waterfront. I’d take them to Smith Street to walk around and shop. Now, I’m ashamed of downtown Perth Amboy. Drive into town on Smith Street – tacky storefronts, ugly metal grates in front of store windows – trash. How many dollar stores, nail salons, and bail bond places do we need? No wonder so many people have stopped shopping here, even people who live in town. Who wants to shop in a place that looks so unappealing?

The Mayor must drive down Smith Street like everybody else. Is the state of downtown ok with her? I guess it must be, because she has been in office for almost eight years, and it certainly hasn’t gotten any better during that time. In fact, things seem to be getting worse. I look at downtowns in other cities like Woodbridge, Metuchen, even South Amboy and shake my head. We used to laugh at South Amboy. Who’s laughing now? The others towns around us are passing us by. Everyone used to come to Perth Amboy to shop. No more. I’d love to shop locally myself, but my choices here are limited. Where is the progress?

The mayor wants me to give her four more years. For what? So she can continue the same actions that have made our downtown continue to deteriorate? I’m not voting for a contribution of the same old thing that hasn’t worked. I’ll be voting for Joel Pabon. He’ll bring new energy and new ideas into city hall. I’ve seen what Wilda has done, and I’m not impressed. For the safety of this city’s future, I’m ready to give Pabon and his team my support.

Inocencia Munez Febles

Why I am Running for City Council: Angel “Mota” Ramirez

I am running for City Council because as a businessman, I know Perth Amboy needs new leadership to succeed. I came to Perth Amboy as an immigrant from the Dominican Republic 24 years ago. I worked hard and built two successful businesses. I employ dozens of people here in Perth Amboy and in the Dominican Republic.

Still, I know how hard it is to run a successfully business, especially under this mayor. There is a lot of crime. You won’t hear about it from the mayor, but I know that two or three businesses a week are broken into. I’ve had break-ins myself and I’ve lost thousands of dollars. The taxes, rents, and utilities are high. Water is expensive. On top of that, downtown is dirty and not he most inviting setting for a business.

With Joel Pabon and Ken Puccio, I will work to make our city government more responsive to residents. Business owners and residents, especially those in the Dominican community, tell me that when they contact the mayor’s office with problems, nothing happens. Many times they don’t even get an answer. It’s not enough to for the mayor to show up with cameras to cut a ribbon when a business opens. There must be an ongoing partnership with the city. When I become a member of the city council, I will work hard for the business owners and residents the mayor ignores.

I believe the city also must create conditions that make people want to shop and do business here. People don’t want to drive into town and get stuck in traffic, or ride up and down street after street looking for parking. Those yellow curb lines have been extended all over town and have taken away even more parking spaces. People want to shop in a place that looks clean and inviting, and the mayor and council together can create a new vision for downtown.

Small businesses with just two or three employees are the backbone of our downtown. I want to use my knowledge and experience to create an office in Perth Amboy that will specifically give assistance to our small business community – opportunities for training and education, information about available financial assistance, and so on.

We also need to change the perception of Perth Amboy. Many people hesitate to invest in Perth Amboy, because they don’t think the mayor is taking the city in a positive direction. She has no credibility with them. One of my major goals is to bring new confidence in city government that will attract the type of investment we need.

I came to America as an immigrant hoping to pursue a dream, and I am proud to be Dominican-American. If I win on November 8, I will be the first Dominican in the history of Perth Amby to hold a seat on the city council. It will be a proud day for me and for everyone in Perth Amboy of Dominican heritage.

In the last few weeks, I have walked through every neighborhood in Perth Amboy. I have talked to thousands of people. I hear the same thing over and over again, “We need change in city hall. We need someone who will look out for us.” I want to be that person.

Please vote Line J on November 8: Pabon for Mayor (1-J, Puccio (2-J) and Ramirez (3-J) for City Council.

Angel “Mota” Ramirez

Why I Want to be on the City Council

I was born and raised in Perth Amboy. I love this city, and I have always felt it important to play a role in making the community a better place for everyone. I started public service as a police officer and was a member of the Perth Amboy Police Department for 30 years, 24 of those years in the Juvenile Unit. I started the DARE anti-drug program in Perth Amboy, and concentrated my efforts on mentoring young people and steering them in the right direction—away from drugs and gangs and toward education, sports, and other positive activities.

I first ran for a seat on the Board of Education seven years ago, with the goal of taking the next step to positively influence the development of our city’s youth. I am now serving my third term on the board. I see my candidacy for a seat on the city council as a step in further expanding my ability to give back to the city and find solutions to the problems Perth Amboy faces.

Having someone on the council with a law enforcement background would bring to city government valuable experience in dealing with these issues. I understand how the police department works, and I have the insight of someone who has been on the frontlines of crime prevention and the creation of secure and safe neighborhoods for many decades.

I have known many of you for years. I’ve gone to school with you, worked with you, volunteered in many organization with you. As a councilman, my door will always be open. I’m eager to listen and even more eager to roll up my sleeves and get things done.

I am running for city council with Joel Pabon, because we need a change in city hall. Along with Angel “Mota” Ramirez, I hope to bring a new perspective to the city council, and work with Mayor Pabon to make Perth Amboy a better place for all of us.

Ken Puccio

Tired of Waiting for the City to Turn Around

I bought my house in Perth Amboy 10 years ago. If I want to sell it now, I would be lucky to get half of what I paid for it. How is it fair for my tax bill to stay the same when my property is worth less? Every homeowner in Perth Amboy is paying higher taxes than they should while their has lost value.

Am I better off when the biggest investment my family has, our home, is worth less now than when we bought it? I have friends who are disgusted with the direction this city is going in. They can’t leave without a real loss on their house.

Mayor Diaz will try to say that this is happening everywhere. It isn’t. Many places around us are recovering. We are not. I looked at figures that showed changes in property values over the past few years. While property values in Perth Amboy decreased, property values in just about every town around us either increased or remained the same. If things are as good as the mayor’s campaign literature wants you to believe, that shouldn’t be happening.

When people pay high property taxes, they need to feel like they’re getting something for their money. Let me ask homeowners of Perth Amboy, do you feel like you’re getting good value for all the money you send to city hall?

I’m tired of waiting for this city to turn around. There is no reason to believe that Wilda is capable of doing it. What is she going to do in another four years that she hasn’t had a chance to do in the last eight in half years?

Joel Pabon was a leader in the military. He was a supervisor and problem solver for years in our post office. As a member of the city council, he has always been responsive to the needs of residents. With Joel in charge, we’ll have a mayor with proven leadership ability and a reputation for sticking with a job until it gets done. I’m voting for change, Joel Pabon and the whole Real Leadership for Perth Amboy team.

Iraida Clark

A Promise in the Dark

I see someone from a very high place in Washington D.C. shut down WikiLeaks because of all those e-mails from the Clinton’s and what was really going on with the Democratic Country Club. The Democrats are crying about being hacked by the Russians. Maybe the hackers are a group from another country or maybe it’s being done right here in America. The last debate was a joke to the American voters. On Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, the debate, to me was a show called, “Promise in the Dark.” The controlled news media keeps covering up for both Trump and Hillary. Now I’m going to pick on the Republican Country Club who are no better than the Democrats. They love WAR and never understand the working middleclass. Sad, but true. We have no other choice: will it be Trump or Hillary? Maybe the Democrats will swap Hillary for Michelle Obama for the presidency.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

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