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South Amboy Council Unites Ahead of Election

By: Joseph L. Kuchie

SOUTH AMBOY – South Amboy Mayor Fred Henry and the South Amboy city council united in support at last week’s city business meeting ahead of this year’s election.

Recent comments have emerged insinuating that the council unanimously agrees on everything that is brought to the table. Mayor Henry took offense to this claim and defended the council that he believes does great work for the city.

“I take a little bit of a different view of some of the comments that were made because comments about having a council of yes people really smacks of accusations of possible criminal wrongdoing within the administration,” Henry said. “I greatly resent that. All these people here are elected, they are not appointed, they are not my appointees, they are elected by the public to do what is best for the city of South Amboy.”

“I would challenge anybody to question to their faces that these are yes people. Research needs to be done to find out what has really been going on,” he continued. “Don’t make it personal, these are very good people around here… You have to be very careful on what you say and what you print.”

Councilman Tom Reilly was also vocal about what the council goes through to make decisions and make numerous projects happen in South Amboy.

“We don’t necessarily agree on everything we talk about and those differences get ironed out in business meetings. They also get ironed out at budget meetings,” Reilly said. “It may not look like that to the general public… but there’s clearly been a disagreement on issues, we discuss them, we iron them out, and we do what’s best for the city.”

“We’re not rubberstamping everything, we aren’t saying yes to everything, we are doing our homework and doing what’s right for the town,” he added. “I just need that to be known that it’s not total agreement all the time… People should know that process and what goes on before they make comments.”

Council President Mickey Gross spoke highly of the city’s council and emphasized the good that each person is trying to do for South Amboy.

“You’re never going to find a better bunch of people that sit on this council,” Gross said. “At the end of the day I know in my heart they care about this city and love this city as much as I do. We are doing a good job, we’re working hard, and we don’t need to roll in the mud with anyone. We need to hold our head high.”

All council members were in attendance for the business meeting. The next city council meeting will be held on Monday, November 14th at 7:00 P.M.

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