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EDITORIAL: Time to Stop the Division & Give Thanks

editorial2I was wrong. I think the sky did fall, and some rocks came tumbling down — and have hit a lot of people in the head.

In last week’s editorial, I sympathized with the people who were distraught over Hillary Clinton losing the election. With these continued protests, I’m becoming more convinced that a lot of these protests are charades. They are much too organized and I noticed that they are taking place when the weather conditions are favorable.

How many hard-nosed protesters were there during the horrible weather last Tuesday (Nov. 15)?

I remember years ago when Oprah Winfrey built a school in Africa for young girls who were so grateful because they were able to learn and have uniforms and other basic supplies just to do so. I bet those girls who had just the basic tools and perhaps not even computers had more knowledge and smarts than some of those college kids with an abundance of technology at their fingertips.

There was a time when after you graduated from high school and went on to college, it was your first taste of adulthood and independence.

Now colleges are more like going to summer camps for adolescence. You have to have a safe place. It’s now popular for some students and other young people to have symbols such as safety pins to let people know you are safe with them.

We had our safe places when we were growing up. It was called our homes and even our neighborhood. At that time people not only knew the neighbors on their block, but those residents in the entire local area. College was not there  to coddle you but to educate you so you can be a functioning member of society. Presently, it seems like it’s doing just the opposite.

It sort of reminds me of the show, “Mork and Mindy.” Mork was an alien (from another planet) who was very unique. On the planet he was from, when you were born you came out old and every year you became younger until eventually you became less mature and more adolescent.

I remember a very funny joke that stated, “When you are born, you start out wearing diapers and eventually if you become very old you end up wearing diapers, too.”

It’s time to get out of the diapers and put on your big boys and big girls pants. Life is going to hand you lemons and when it does, you’re supposed to make lemonade out of it – not cry in it!

There was a time when immigrants or poorer working class people worked their butts off to send to send their children to college. They were so proud of their children and boasted of that child who was the first child graduate in that family.

What do modern day parents  say now? “I’m so glad that my child who is going to college to protest something that hasn’t even come into fruition yet and may never occur.”

At this point I’m speechless. In the past, when students protested in college it was for a concrete cause and not an imaginary cause.

New York Mayor DeBlasio and other mayors in major cities have come out to say that they will not divulge the list of people who have signed up for  Municipal ID Cards.

I have rhetorical question: supposed you have two people who are both here illegally?

Scenario: I’m going to emphasize the word ILLEGAL. Two illegal immigrants of the same sex and age are arrested. One is arrested in a raid at a business who employed illegal workers. The other person arrested had been deported many times for felonies. Both are put in the same cell together.  Would you feel comfortable if you knew that the person in the same cell had committed heinous crimes? I don’t think so.

Would it be that person’s right to be separated from that person? Let me tell you something: there are a lot of people here legally who have committed heinous crimes and have been let out of jail in a short period of time on technicalities. A few of them have committed crimes again shortly after being released. I don’t feel comfortable with that.

As I understand it: President Elect Trump said that he wants to get rid of the people who are here illegally that have continuously committed heinous crimes. Some of these people have been deported back four or five times to their own country and were able to get back into the United States.

Anybody with an ounce of common sense whether you are here legally or illegally should want people like that deported and not be allowed back into the United States.

I am going to get very real here because I am very tired. If you are a certain ethnic or religious group, you will have a chance of having your battle cry being heard more than others. There are a lot of people here from many other countries that have overstayed their visas, but they don’t make waves and bring attention to themselves and just go with the flow and act more “American” than natural born Americans.

Nowadays, it seems certain people have to be handled with kid gloves. Heaven forbid someone feels one moment of discomfort. (They need to Google The Little Rock Nine to see what students went through to make it easier for you.) The next item that will probably be a very big hit will be the Linus Security Blanket (from the Peanuts Comics) . Perhaps we can have our own bubbles such as in the movie, “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.”

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