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A Wake-Up  Call

LetterHillary Clinton is crying the blues over her loss on Election Day. Boy is she mad about this loss of not being elected President. It’s so funny that she said the FBI made her lose the election over the emails. Those paid protesters are upset about Trump winning BIG TIME. This was a wake-up call for Obama and Congress. Many of those Democratic voters thought Hillary was going to win. I’ll bet many of them voted for Trump because they were tired of political system from those Democratic politician’s promising NOTHING but hot air. Those Bernie Sanders supporters realize what the Democratic Committee did to Bernie and now he is talking about what? Let’s look what the news media did, like CNN (Cartoon News Network) and NBC, CBS, ABC, and so on was paid by the Clinton Inc. to make Hillary look good to be the President. Plus, the newspapers are covering up for Hillary’s LIES. Here’s another thing that’s crazy: many cities will protect those illegals and why we ask? Let’s understand something: it’s time for America to get back on its feet, and the people have spoken on election day. They want Donald Trump for a reason. I don’t choose sides in politics. I just see it as it is, and this was a wake-up call for America.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez


These two words seem interchangeable these days, and they are not. I’m speaking, of course, about guns. What were you thinking?

Illegal guns would be the ones that are sold illegally to gang bangers, dope dealers, Mafia types… basically criminals. People who would use these weapons to kill people, rob law abiding citizens, commit rapes… the list seems endless.

Undocumented guns are guns that the government does not know about that are sold privately between private citizens or at gun shows and the like. These are usually used to hunt, to add to someone’s collection, shooting sports… things like that.

The “anti-gun” groups constantly say that they want more gun control laws. Mandatory background checks are one of the laws they want implemented. This law would be aimed at undocumented guns, because I don’t think there are any criminals who submit to background checks before buying their illegal guns.

Close the “gun show loophole” is another chant used by the ill-informed. Again another mantra targeting undocumented guns. Are some guns sold at gun shows used in crimes? I’m sure there are some, but I think that is a small fraction of the illegal guns.

So where do these illegal guns come from? Good question. Some come from people who travel to states with less restrictive gun laws, who buy them then cross state lines to sell them, (already illegal). But the bulk, I think, comes from sources that might surprise the anti-gun lobby. I think they come from some of the people who contribute to the $250,000 a plate fundraiser that these liberal anti-gun politicians are running. People with enough money to open a company overseas or across the border to buy guns in bulk legally from legitimate gun manufacturers, for a large discount, then bring them back to this country illegally and sell them at a 500% profit. If you don’t believe me, dig deeper into operation “Fast and Furious”.

Instead of targeting these people and people of their ilk, the anti-gunners go after the legitimate gun owners. People who have no criminal intent or record, the “Law Abiding Citizen”.

It’s the same principal as the government targeting sport fisherman. We have limits on the fish we catch, the size of said fish, the months and days that we can fish for them. We even have to register with the government to be able to fish in the ocean and bays or we will be fined. Their reasoning, fish are being over fished and some species have disappeared completely. Anyone who remembers going fishing for whiting off of the Long Branch pier can attest to that.

Meanwhile commercial fishing companies, even those from other countries, throw their nets in the water and catch fish by the ton with impunity. Makes sense to me, not!

Many if not all in the anti-gun community love to vilify the N.R.A. They say that they are the arm of the gun companies. Well in a way I guess that is true. But who are the gun companies going to contribute to, Nancy Pelosi?

In reality the N.R.A. is a civil rights group, just like the AFL-CIO, N.A.A.C.P., or the A.D.L. The N.R.A. defends the people’s right to keep and bear arms guaranteed to them under the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

We do not need more gun laws. We need to enforce the ones that are already in place, and we need to increase the penalties for the infraction of these laws.

Case in point: A person in Monmouth County was convicted and sentenced to 20 years for dealing drugs. This same person was found to be in possession of two illegal AK-47s. For this he was sentenced to an additional 10 years. He should have gotten life for this offense.

For a list of federal gun laws go here:

For a list of New Jersey gun laws go here:

For those without a computer they can be found at your local library.

Most people reading this will probably not bother to use the links above to research these laws for themselves. They would rather listen to media reports on the news, and politicians getting up on their high horses about gun control and quoting skewed statistics to further their point.

Funny thing about statistics, you can skew them any way you want to further your own agenda.

Crime statistics can be found from various organizations. They will tell you how many murders, attempted murders, home invasions, and rapes have occurred in a given place at a given time, but what they don’t tell you is how many have been prevented because a firearm was present.

All this being said, I have some questions. Why are some of our politicians screaming about the need for controlling the flow of illegal guns, but targeting the laws at the people who are law abiding and buy their guns legally, and not the criminals? Why are they not enforcing the plethora of gun laws already in place? What is their real agenda?

Joe Bayona

Letter From Mayor Wilda Diaz

Dear Perth Amboy Residents:

I write to you with most sincere gratitude in the trust that has been placed upon me to continue leading our great city as mayor.  Over the course of the past eight years, our city has grown tremendously and I look forward to continuing the progress for these next four years.  I want Perth Amboy to be the model urban city in the State of New Jersey.  I am committed to seeing the work my administration has started through and will stop at nothing to make Perth Amboy prosperous for generations to come.  You, our residents, deserve nothing less.

My team and I know there is a lot of work still to be done and we are excited to not only continue the progress we have started, but we are committed to meeting the challenges our city still faces.  Therefore, I have established the 2021 Strategic Planning Taskforce to serve as a resource for my administration.

The taskforce is compiled of community leaders and experts from across the state, who will draft an inclusive and expansive vision of growth and development for Perth Amboy.  Additionally, the task force will evaluate the city’s overall operations, department functions and services to the public, opportunities for job creation and targeted investment in our downtown business community.

However, in order to continue serving you as mayor to the best of my abilities, I am going to need your help.  Now that the elections are over, I ask that you hold all elected officials in our city, including me, accountable to execute the duties of each respective office.  Personal and political agendas must be put aside and now it is time to get to work, together.  I am committed to working with ALL members of our elected City Council to make sure our city’s interests are first and foremost at the heart of every decision I make as mayor.

Candidly, over the course of the past year, it has been difficult to work with the majority of the members of the city council because the council president was set on using her position solely for her political agenda.  Even today, after the voters have spoken outgoing Council President Nanton continues to attempt to use her office to undermine my administration – the office that I have been entrusted to oversee by the residents of this city.  The majority of our residents have spoken and the Council President should learn when enough is enough with putting her agenda above that of the overwhelming majority of residents.

The title of city council president has been used as a tool to disparage our hard working employees and purposely halt progress on policies I believe would be of great benefit to our residents.  However, with new council leadership, I am encouraged that the injection of politically driven initiatives that limit my administration’s ability to implement policies that benefit you, the taxpayers will be limited to a Nanton led council only.

We as a community truly are stronger together, and I intend to work collectively on all of my initiatives with the new city council and board of education for the betterment of this city.

At a time when our country is startlingly divided politically and socially, we must send a clear message that here in Perth Amboy we are on the same team and want this city to grow and succeed.


Mayor Wilda Diaz

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