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Public Comments 11/21/16 Caucus

PERTH AMBOY – Resident Stanley Sierakowski wondered why the agenda for today’s meeting was not on the website. “Even when I checked for it on the website at 2 p.m. (on the day of the Meeting). I was told that the Mayor told the IT guy not to put the agenda on the website.”

Sierakowski was also concerned about a lot of cars that are parked all over the place like junkyards. “I suggest that Code Enforcement check out theses places weekly until the situation is cleared up. Enforce these laws. Give them stiff fines of $1,000 for each infraction.”

Resident Ken Balut came up to speak next. He wondered why there hasn’t been a Planning Board Meeting for 4 months. He also questioned the $113,000 contract gave out for solar pay stations. “I thought that they were supposed to have credit card readers and they don’t.”

At this point an employee of the Parking Authority called out, “Some indeed have credit card readers and some don’t.”

CFO Jill Goldy came up to speak. “The Parking Authority had in their 2015 budget to purchase these solar meters. Then $80,000 was budgeted for 2016 to purchase more. It took time for them to install the initial machines and they decided not to purchase more machines this year.”

After Goldy spoke, Business Administrator Adam Cruz said, “Any contract over a certain amount has to be bid out. There are exceptions for bidding. Some examples are Priority or State Contracts.”

The Caucus Meeting ended at 7:39 p.m.

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