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Update on Redevelopment and City Resources

Business Administrator Camille Tooker

Business Administrator
Camille Tooker

SOUTH AMBOY – 12/7/16 Business Meeting – An Easement Request was discussed for the Art’s Center located at 141 North Broadway. Business Administrator Camille Tooker explained that many storefronts are not ADA Accessible and this Easement is needed to bring that location up to date.

Another Easement Request was for a location at 242-244 Bordentown Ave. This was to replace an existing porch which the owner has to pay for. City Attorney John Lanza said he would draw up a resolution to do so.

Under the Business Items a resolution for a Chapter 159. Tooker explained that the City received an unanticipated grant of $7,000 from Homeland Security. OEM (Office of Emergency Management) Coordinators need to be certified and have more training. Monies from that grant can be used for that.

Another Business Item E was Authorizing Budget Transfers. Tooker explained, “This is a good thing. You can transfer monies between budget lines where one department can move money that they do not need into another department.”

Resolution 165-SA Authorizing the Issuance of $73,000 Special Emergency Notes for the Master Plan Re-examination in and by the City of South Amboy. Tooker said, “For the new Master Plan, the DCA (Department of Community Affairs) allows the payment in 5 year increments.”

Councilman Thomas Reilly moved that the Resolution be read by title and Dato seconded the motion. After the reading by City Clerk Laura Kemble-Kalantsis, Councilman Reilly moved to adopt the resolution. It was seconded by Dato.

During the public portion, Resident Pete Kenny asked about an ordinance that was passed earlier in the year regarding the purchase of computers and resurfacing of the tennis courts. He said, “These purchases and improvements must have at least a 5 year useful life.”

He also wanted to know how the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) Projects are coming along. He specifically mentioned lower Main Street and the Pumping Station located there.

B.A. Tooker responded, “This is still being worked on and the Developer paid for the station and the City ran the lines. Each unit will pay the connector fees. The PILOT has to benefit the town and the terms are 5 years or more.”

Mayor Fred Henry

Mayor Fred Henry made some comments: “The new Waterfront development will be coming and may have about 10 kids coming into those units.”

Tooker came back and explained, “We use Smart Growth for our PILOT Programs. Some PILOT Programs allow us to not have to give funds to schools.”

Kenny also had questions about the South Amboy YMCA and whether or not it’s under the PILOT Program.

Tooker responded, “The YMCA rents from the City.”

Mayor Henry then answered Kenny who wanted to additional information about the Waterfront project. “The Sherman Group is looking for contractors and the Ferry is looking very positive.”

Comments were made towards the end of the Meeting by Councilman Tom Reilly. He opened his comments acknowledging the passing of Ex-Fire Chief John Donnelly.

Tooker then spoke about tax rebates, “95% of the tax rebates are programed in the Gov. PILOT Program.” Tooker then discussed the Shop South Amboy Program. “The City needed at least 15 merchants to participate. We have 18 to 19. We sent out letters to merchants and are ready to kickoff this program in the first quarter of 2017. ”

Councilman Reilly then mentioned two upcoming fundraisers to benefit two South Amboy Residents: the December 17  Friends of South Amboy fundraiser (See Charity Basketball Tournament p. 12) and the December 20, 2016 Holiday Showcase Benefit Concert taking place at South Amboy High School (see p. 9). He also wanted a historic property on Main Street to be incorporated into the Master Plan.

B.A. Tooker was happy to see 5 new applicants for the Fire Department and mentioned that many of them are working a second job.

City Attorney John Lanza said, “I’m sorry to hear about Donnelly’s passing and I have represented the Donnelly family in hard times.”

Council President Mickey Gross thanked the City Employees for all the work they’ve done throughout the year.

Mayor Fred Henry said he attended the American Legion  No. 62 Annual Memorial Service for Pearl Harbor which was held earlier that day. There was a moment of silence for the 75th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the importance of keeping that memory alive. “There were military and civilian victims.” Henry continued, “I want to thank the employees who set up the (Christmas) Tree and send my condolences to the Donnelly Family.”

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