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Waterfront Improvements Under Fire

12/12/16 Caucus

PERTH AMBOY – William Kurzenburger Program Coordinator, Office of Economic and Community Development talked about the Waterfront Improvement Project. “It involves work to be done on Sadowski Parkway and the beaches in that area. He introduced a representative from Helios Construction Inc. to explain more.

The Representative said, “There will be 5 separate improvements:

1.) Reconstruction of the Tennis Courts – includes lights, paving, fencing, walkways and walls. All of the improvements mentioned will be ADA compliant and handicapped accessible.

2.) Public Rest Rooms –  This will be a part of a grant.

3.) Shower Stations, Water Fountains and Foot Washes

4.) Sailboat Storage Yard on Second Street and a Kayak Storage and Rental Racks.

5.) More Volleyball Nets

Councilman Joel Pabon had some concerns, “We need to talk to Kenny Ortiz, Director of the Department of Recreation. We also need to talk to representatives from the Boys and Girls Club that we may need the Brighton Street Building back.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez was concerned, “More information and diagrams are needed on this proposal.”

The Representative stated, “Different locations will be looked at for the trailer which will house the rest rooms.”

Councilman Bill Petrick said, “We also need the trailer to be more visually pleasing.”

The trailer was described as being twelve feet wide and thirty feet long.

Councilman Pabon said, “It will be cheaper to build a permanent rest room.”

During the public portion, Resident Stanley Sierakowski wondered, “Who is going to have a key to the building that houses the bathroom? I also agree with Councilman Fernando Irizarry, “Having showers on Sadowski Parkway is going to encourage swimming.”

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