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South Amboy Reorganization Meeting 1/3/17

Councilman Thomas Reilly is sworn in for his first full 4 year term. He was first chosen to finish out the term of former Councilman Joseph Connors. He is representing Ward 2

SOUTH AMBOY – After the swearing in of Councilmen Riley and McLaughlin, Mickey Gross was voted to retain his title as Council President and Christine Noble retained her title as Council Vice-President.

Also on the Agenda was Resolution R-1-2017 Authorizing temporary budget appropriations for the 2017 Calendar Year. Councilman Reilly made a motion which was seconded by Council Vice-President Noble to adopt the resolution.

On Consent Agendas R-2-2017 – R-19-2017 Council Vice-President Christine Noble made a motion to move the items with a change on item R-9-2017 (Appointment of Alternate Commissioner to Central Jersey Joint Insurance Fund from Mayor Fred Henry to Brian McLaughlin). Councilman Reilly seconded the motion.

Councilman Mickey Gross asked if any of his fellow Council Members or if any of the Administrators wish to make any comments.

All comments began by wishing all a Happy New Year.

Council Vice-President Christine Noble welcomed the two Councilmen who were just sworn in.

Thomas Reilly congratulated and welcomed McLaughlin.

McLaughlin thanked everyone who supported him and looked forward to working with the Council.

City Attorney John Lanza welcomed new Councilman McLaughlin and he wished the Council continued success.

City Engineer Mark Rasimowicz and Council President Mickey Gross looked forward to working with the Council. “We work hard,” stated Gross. He also thanked the great job that all City Employees do in all departments. He also commented, “South Amboy is the best little city in the world.”

Mayor Henry wished everyone a Happy New Year. “I am looking forward to working with all of the Council Members.” He also mentioned Brian McLaughlin’s wife, Amy who was in attendance. Amy McLaughlin was sworn as a new Member of the Board of Education earlier that day. Henry also congratulated those who were sworn in as members of the Fire Department and gave special thanks to the South Amboy Redevelopment Agency Executive Director Eric Chubanka for all of their work. “I wish everyone well.”

During the public portion, Resident Nancy McLaughlin came up to speak. She first congratulated her son, Brian who was sworn in as a new Councilman. She had a question about R-3-2017 Designating Official Depositories. She noted there are eleven banks listed and thought that was a high amount.

B.A. Camile Tooker said, “This is the amount that we always have listed.”

The Meeting was then adjourned. Councilwoman Zussette Dato was not present.

Brian McLaughlin is sworn in for his first full 4 year term as a Councilman representing Ward 1. *Photos by Carolyn Maxwell

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