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Thanking Applegate for His Service to South Amboy

Also, Giving Kudos to Reilly 12/21/16 Council Meeting

Councilman Donald Applegate poses with the South Amboy City Council for his last Meeting. Applegate decided not to seek reelection. *Photo by Carolyn Maxwell

SOUTH AMBOY – Council President Mickey Gross wanted to thank Councilman Donald Applegate for his service. He also addressed Councilman Tom Reilly by saying, “You’re my hero. You did a great job raising money for different charitable organizations. The best decision I made was moving to South Amboy thirty years ago.”

City Attorney John Lanza congratulated Applegate for his years of service. “I value the comments that you have made. I wish you well and your contributions in this job helped me. I want to thank the Council and I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year.”

Council Vice-President Christine Noble  and Councilwoman Zusette Dato both thanked Donny for his service.

Dato said, “Maybe we’ll see you on the other side.”

When Councilman Tom Reilly spoke, he also thanked Applegate for his service. He also wanted to thank the Residents, the Police, Firemen and those who volunteered to help raise $18,000 for the charity event for Brianna.”

Reilly was also concerned about the lack of attendance at a Meeting held by Rutgers University who did a study on South Amboy. “We should look at the tax abatement programs to rehab homes. It will be an improvement to the City. I also want to thank Code Enforcement for enforcing the codes on Broadway and following up on issues.”

B.A. Camille Tooker took the opportunity to thank Applegate for his service to the City, especially to the Recreation Department and his involvement with the City before he was on the Council. “I also want to thank the Friends of South Amboy and Thomas Reilly for all they’ve done for the City. I want to thank my colleagues for all their help in making the City progress.”

Mayor Fred Henry wanted to thank those who helped with the budget. “No emergency appropriations were needed.” Henry thanked B.A. Camille Tooker and C.F.O. Angel Albanese. “I also want to thank those who ran the Trolley Tour during the holidays and the Director of the South Amboy Historical Society who organized the tour which showcased the City and our History. There was a Holiday Festival event that helped another family. I want to thank the Council. Serving on it is a thankless job. Donny Applegate is passionate about all the Residents. He worked with local baseball teams and getting the baseball field near the American Legion back in shape. I wish him the best in the future. I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I want to thank our Fire Department, Police Department, all the City Employees and the Military from the bottom of my heart.”

During the Public Portion, Perth Amboy Resident Robert Meszy wanted to thank the South Amboy Responders for help rescuing a deer.

A Resident from Augusta Street was upset about his house that had been in violation for 90 days. “I want to discuss my problem but no one wants to listen to me.”

Councilman Tom Reilly said, “I disagree with that statement.”

The Resident responded, “The Police did not have to be present when I met with you (Reilly).”

Reilly answered back, “I was going to discuss with you about the garbage in the yard.”

The Resident’s time was up before any further discussions could be made.

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