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Thank You to Joseph L. Kuchie:

Thank you for the great article you wrote on the South Amboy City Council meeting and the Historical Preservation Initiative that was introduced.

*Gave you a shout out on our Facebook page : )

Kind Regards,

Mary Szaro, President HSSA

Cleaning House in America

It looks like President Donald Trump is already doing his thing: CLEANING HOUSE in America and more to come. Many people from the past administration will go down. Let’s give President Trump his first 100 days in office just like we gave Obama his first 100 days and see the difference. Now, don’t panic or go to Canada or Mexico, yet. Just sit and wait and see what will be the outcome. As for Hillary Clinton, she will be running around and around in circles until the U.S Department of Justice looks into her crime wave and this Clinton Foundation is busted. Also wait until this voter fraud is exposed by the Federal Election Commission and many other crime waves that were being use by those out of touch Democratic Country Club members. Will there be another war? We hope not. I think President Trump wants to talk to Russia and many other countries for now. Yes, let’s make America what use to be: “Made in the USA,” so we hope for the best out of Trump – not: “Hate Trump.”

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

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