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Mayor Diaz, Tear Down That Wall!

Mayor Wilda Diaz has a corned lot property located miles away from the waterfront area of Perth Amboy where she is protecting illegal undocumented immigrants/aliens. Mayor Diaz has gone on public record stating that it is her duty to protect the undocumented immigrants living in Perth Amboy. However, if you ride past her home at Lee Street in Perth Amboy, you will see a big white fence all around her property to keep people away. Mayor Diaz, tear down that wall around the border of your property. Open your property and front door to those in need of a place to eat and sleep & hide so that you can protect them. Charity starts at home, your home because you are asking your citizens to break the law and harbor illegal undocumented immigrants/aliens. You must be willing to do this yourself, first. 

Mayor Diaz, it is obvious with all the fencing around your property, that you like boundaries although this is not what you ask of your citizens.

You fired most of the Code Enforcement Officers in Perth Amboy when you first took office in 2008, so that others could take in illegal immigrants while you live with a big white wall protecting you and your family around your property.

Take down your border fencing and show the citizens of Perth Amboy that you believe in what you preach. Mayor Wilda Diaz you have publicly stated that it is your duty to protect the illegal undocumented immigrants/aliens in Perth Amboy.  


Susan Batista

Say NO to Perth Amboy as a Sanctuary City

Perth Amboy a Sanctuary City? Please say NO. The Perth Amboy Mayor stated that she feels it’s her duty to protect our Community and undocumented residents. Do you think that law breakers, crooks, criminals, even murderers can be separated and only good be protected?

Don’t we have enough people and crime here in Perth Amboy? How about the undocumented people secretly living here? Our last Census was not accurate due to these unspecified individuals living here. How about AHMED KHAN RAHAMI, the bombing suspect living here in PERTH AMBOY? Have you forgotten him? Is he among the protected?

These undocumented people that are being protected all seem to come from Muslim Countries, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico, etc. They are making the United States a third world Country. They don’t come here to become American Citizens; they come here because once here, they are ENTITLED to an easy, free life paid for by taxpayers’ dollars. Look around, they don’t want to conform to our laws and decent way of life.

Our Country was based on all kinds of people coming here to the United States for a better life. We use to refer to this as a melting pot. Right now this pot is not a mixture. It seems all the same.

I’m against all Sanctuary Cities. NOT CHARITY. Accepting people who truly want to become Citizens, who learn to speak English, and who conform to our laws and decent way of life are welcome here. But I object to the fact that they come here, disrupt everything, band together, make signs, march and protest when they think something is being taken away from them. My advice to them: Stay in your own Country. March and protest your radical views there.

President Trump has stated that funds may be denied to Sanctuary Cities. Can Perth Amboy operate without Federal Funds? I don’t think so. Protecting these undocumented illegals may be a personal political desire, but I don’t think Perth Amboy Taxpayers need, nor want to support these types people any longer.

I wish President Donald Trump continues his temporary ban on immigration until we straighten out our Country to make it the way it used to be. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.\

Barbara Salata

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