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Unhappy With Pipeline Meeting

2/6/17 Caucus & 2/8/17 Council Meeting

Councilman Fernando Irizarry

PERTH AMBOY – Councilman Fernando Irizarry had requested information and a legal opinion regarding the Pipeline approval process from B.A. Adam Cruz and Acting Law Director Judy Verrone. “I’m requesting a second hearing on the pipeline.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez said, “Maybe having the lawyer representing us in this matter can come here to explain this to us.”

Verrone responded, “The Lawyer (Wendy Rubenstein) can come here to give a further explanation.”

Council President William Petrick was concerned because, “We didn’t have a cameraman or audio to record the meeting. You only had a stenographer and it should have been put on Channel 34. We need to have the money that’s coming to us from Verizon and Comcast to improve the audio on Channel 34. We need to work together to fix it.”

Councilman Jelmin Caba agreed with Petrick, “We should recommend that Buckeye tape the scope hearings to put on Channel 34.”

Resident and Businesswoman Virginia Lugo remarked, “Councilman Irizarry couldn’t understand things being said at the Buckeye Meeting. I had asked for a list of all of the PARA Projects and all of the specifications attached to them. This should also be available to the public. People should not be presenting projects here if they don’t have all the proper facts. I was at the Woman’s Club Meeting earlier in the day and the Mayor was also there and said that Buckeye was a done deal. We don’t have enough facts to vote on a lot of items presented here tonight.”

At the 2/8/17 Council Meeting, Businesswoman Sharon Hubberman also spoke about the Buckeye Scope Hearing stating, “There were two Councilmen present. There were no mic’s, nor were there cameras present and there was a room full of people. There were mostly Union Representatives. We should have had a handout. The Mayor uses a smokescreen. There is a pipeline being built in people’s backyards. The Mayor always talks about looking out for Latinos, but all the Buckeye literature is in English. Did the Mayor make robocalls to those residents. We are susceptible to terrorists. In my research, in 2012, there were pipelines mentioned. This is a travesty and this lawsuit (Mayor suing the Council) is a smokescreen.”

Resident Vincent Mackiel said, “You should check into the legality of the pipeline and take seriously what Sharon said. There is serious danger in building any pipeline.” He also commented to the Council, “You (the Council) have done some good things, but the Tennis Courts still need more work done.”

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