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South Amboy Provides Update on Ferry Terminal Project

3/1/17 Business Meeting

By: Joseph L. Kuchie

City Engineer
Mark Rasimowicz

SOUTH AMBOY – South Amboy City Engineer Mark Rasimowicz gave an update on the recent archeological findings at the South Amboy Ferry Terminal site at last Wednesday’s business meeting.

Two resolutions were put on the business agenda for change orders to both Ambient Group and Potomac Hudson that total near $128,000. The extra cost will be paid through the grant the city received for the site project.

“They uncovered some archeological features concerning the railroad and the State Historic Preservation Office was notified, work was stopped on the site,” Rasimowicz said. “This [resolution] is providing a change order to allow the remediation and the preservation requirements by the State Historical Preservation Office to take place.”

“There has been a plan developed from Hunter Research and Hunter Research and Potomac Hudson are working together on it,” Rasimowicz continued. “The Ambient Group is the contractor who would be doing the actual excavation. Both of these are change order for the two contractors because it’s certainly work that we were not aware of and was uncovered during the excavation.”

Councilwoman Zusette Dato understood the significance and important of the findings, but asked Rasimowicz if we were compelled to pay the $128,000 increase. Business Administrator Camille Tooker explained that they had to pay it due to the agreement with the State Historic Preservation Office.

“Everything is required because of the SHPO MOA that the city has,” Tooker said. “That was put in place by the State Historic Preservation Offices in the event they found something…and we found something.”

Rasimowicz explained to the council that the city is looking into additional grants from the state to help with the unexpected $128,000 difference.

All council members were in attendance for the business meeting. The next South Amboy city council meeting will be held on March 15th at 7:00 PM.

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