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Raising the 

Minimum Wage – Good or Bad?

In Theory Raising the minimum wage to $12 or $15 an hour is a good idea. Yet those who are already earning $12 or $15 per hour probably won’t be satisfied to work for what is now the new minimum wage. They’ll want $18 or $20 an hour. Then those who make that now will also want an increase – Do you see where this is going? How many employers can pay this along with rising healthcare costs? Prices on goods and services will have to be raised. What’s to become of those on fixed incomes? Maybe people who are eighty years old will have to look for jobs again! In theory a lot of things seem good – In practicality . . .


Michael Rusznak

Nothing Happens by Accident

Well I see Mr. Obama is in some way in hot water about this wiretapping on President Trump before he became the President. As of now, the story is when Obama was the President he issued a wiretap on Trump Towers to listen on Trump and his advisors and what they were saying on the phone before Trump became President. Just like Nixon, he put a wiretap on those news reporters from the Washington Post. Was what Obama did illegal? This goes to show us what a former President Obama was doing if it’s true. The Democratic political party will say “Not us!” We have nothing to do about this (HMMMM!) But wait! I think there’s more to come out of this like how much more dirty tricks was being use on the elections by the Democratic Party. Yes, politics is a dirty game on both sides. Remember that old saying in politics: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” I would love to see the outcome of this if the U.S. Department of Justice will look into this.

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

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