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Update on Winter Storm Stella from Perth Amboy Office of Emergency Management

PERTH AMBOY – The Police Department and Department of Public Works will begin towing vehicles parked on snow emergency streets early this afternoon.  Please remove vehicles parked on these roads to avoid having them towed.  You may call 732-376-5400 for a full listing of snow emergency streets.

The Code Blue Shelter at the Alexander F. Jankowski Community Center at 1 Olive Street will remain open until tomorrow morning at 8 am.

Please remain off the roadways so DPW crews can clear them.  Report power outages to PSE&G at 1-800-436-7734 and the Police Department at 732-442-4400.  Report downed trees and branches to the Department of Public Works at 732-826-2010.  For any down or low hanging wires, dial 9-1-1.

When clearing snow from property or sidewalks, please DO NOT throw snow onto the streets or a summons will be issued.

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.  For non-emergencies, contact our police at 732-442-4400.
Contact Information:
Perth Amboy Police Department
Office of Emergency Management




NAME OF STREET                   SIDE                                                               LOCATION___________________

AMBOY AVE.                           BOTH                                      NEW BRUNSWICK AVE.(N.B.A.) NORTH CITY LINE

BOGGS ST.                                WEST                                     ALPINE ST. SOUTH TO DEAD END

BRACE AVE.                            NORTH                                   AMBOY AVE. TO FLORIDA GROVE RD.

BRIGHTON AVE.                    BOTH                                      SADOWSKI PKWY TO MARKET ST.

BROAD ST.                               SOUTH                                   EAST AVE. TO DIVISION ST.

CENTRAL PL.                           WEST                                     ENTIRE LENGTH

CITY HALL CIRCLE              BOTH                                       ENTIRE CIRCLE

FAYETTE ST.                            BOTH                                     RECTOR ST. TO CONVERY BLVD.

FORBS            AVE.                  BOTH                                     BARRY AVE. TO SHANNON AVE.

FRANCIS ST.                            EAST                                      EAGLE AVE. TO THOMAS ST.

GADEK PL.                               EAST                                      ENTIRE LENGTH

GROOM ST.                              BOTH                                     N.B.A. TO LAWRIE ST.

HALL AVE.                               NORTH                                  STATE ST. TO AMBOY AVE.

HARRINGTON ST.                 SOUTH                                  HANSON AVE. TO PACIFIC AVE.

HIGH ST.                                   EAST                                      CITY HALL CIRCLE TO GORDON ST.

KAMM ST.                                 SOUTH                                  HANSON AVE. TO MARY ST.

KENNEDY ST.                          SOUTH                                  ENTIRE LENGTH

KOSCIUSKO ST.                       SOUTH                                 ENTIRE LENGTH

LAWRIE ST.                             BOTH                                     GROOM ST. TO WEST TERMINUS

LINDEN ST.                              WEST                                     ENTIRE LENGTH

MADISON AVE.                        BOTH                                    FAYETTE ST. TO MARKET ST.

MARKET ST.                            BOTH                                     HIGH ST. TO HERBERT ST.

MARKET ST.                            SOUTH                                  CITY HALL CIRCLE TO WATER ST.

MEINZER ST.                           NORTH                                 ENTIRE LENGTH

NEW BRUNSWICK AVE.       BOTH                                    SMITH ST. TO FLORIDA GROVE RD.

OAK ST.                                   BOTH                                       MARKET ST. TO N.B.A.

OGDEN                                    WEST                                       ENTIRE LENGTH

PINE ST.                                  WEST                                       INSLEE ST. TO THOMAS ST.

RECTOR ST.                             EAST                                       SMITH ST. TO LEWIS ST.

SMITH ST.                               BOTH                                      FRONT ST. TO CONVERY BLVD.

STATE ST.                                BOTH                                      MARKET ST. TO BUCKINGHAM AVE.

STATE ST.                                EAST                                       BUCKINGHAM NORTH TO CITY LINE

THOMAS ST.                           NORTH                                  AMBOY AVE. TO FRANCIS ST.

VALLEY PL.                              EAST                                      ENTIRE LENGTH

WASHINGTON ST.                NORTH                                  HIGH ST. TO N.B.A.

WOODRUFF PL.                    NORTH                                  HIGH ST. TO RECTOR ST.

Contact Information:
Perth Amboy Police Department
Office of Emergency Management



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