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Thomas Mundy Peterson Plaque Update

3/6/17 Caucus

Thomas Mundy Peterson

PERTH AMBOY – PAHPC Chair Reinaldo Aviles came forward to give an update on the Thomas Mundy Peterson Plaque. He presented the Council with a flyer showing an artist’s rendering of the plaque. This included measurements, specifications and sample wording and a picture of Thomas Mundy Peterson. All this information on the flyer is what they wished to go on a plaque to have displayed in the Council Chambers. Aviles continued, “A lot of things have been said about Peterson, but we are still fact checking everything. We know that Peterson voted in this building (City Hall) but we don’t know  for certain if it was in this chamber.”

PAHPC Member Ana Daily stood with Aviles and wanted to thank all who backed this project. She and Aviles then unrolled a poster that depicted the actual size of the plaque. She placed it on the spot on the wall where they hoped it would be hung.

During the Public Portion, Resident Mel Knight wanted to thank the Council and the Mayor for what they did for the Thomas Mundy Peterson Plaque. Knight said, “I also represent the National Alliance for Black School Educators, the NAACP and I also want to thank Reinaldo Aviles.”

Ana Daily wanted to thank the HPC for their co-operation in getting the Thomas Mundy Peterson Project completed. “There are also separate projects that are still being worked on which includes a statue of Thomas Mundy Peterson and a committee being formed to address the Underground Railroad. The Act (First Black Voting under the 15th Amendment) of Thomas Mundy Peterson voting was of national significance and we need to get that recognized.”

Council President Bill Petrick commented, “We are 100% in support of what you’re doing and let’s keep the momentum going.”

Councilman Jelmin Caba congratulated Perth Amboy and the HPC on the great job they did on getting the Thomas Mundy Peterson Plaque. “But we should still consider naming the County Park after Peterson and getting a Monument for him also.”

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