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2017 Perth Amboy Middle School Wrestling Team Goes Undefeated

Has a 14-0 Season    *Photo by Paul W. Wang

2017 Perth Amboy Middle School Wrestling Team.

By: Katherine Massopust

PERTH AMBOY – The 2017 Middle School Wrestling Team consists of 50 students (boys and girls) from Shull School, McGinnis School and AUL Charter School. The team has won 14 times with 6 Champs in 18 different weight classes. This is the first time ever the Middle School Wrestling Team went undefeated.

Coaches Gabriel Roman and Anthony Medina are proud of their 14-0 record. “The whole team all has winning records. This is thanks to teamwork, self-motivation, good leadership, working hard and good grades,” said Roman. “There are 50 kids on the team, of which there were no cuts. Every single one had a chance to compete. There were 3 tournaments and every single one had 10 matches. 20 kids plan to go on to the PAHS Wrestling Team.”

Roman then went on to thank everyone who made this possible, “I would like to thank all the teachers, staff and parents and all the kids for their time, effort and support. We worked hard on the mats. There were no behavioral problems on and off the mat. They’re good kids. Any kid that gave us a problem had a change of attitude. I’m most proud of this year.”

The team is in the Middlesex County Red Division and participated in the County Tournament and Princeton Tournament. “We won both,” stated Roman. “3 kids participated in the State Tournament and Nationals. We received a winning record coming out of it which was around 8 matches.”

Congratulations to the Middle School Wrestling Team on your undefeated season!

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