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The First Caretaker at the Kearny Cottage

An Interview with Bary Struve’s Granddaughter Joan Feeney

Joan (R) at about 7 years old with her grandmother Bary on the boardwalk in Perth Amboy. She was the caretaker and tour guide until 1958.

By: Katherine Massopust

Arlene Bary Olsen McIlveen & Joan Bary Barben Feeney visiting Kearny cottage in March 2017. They are Bary Struve’s only two granddaughters. She had 4 grandsons.

PERTH AMBOY – In March 2017 Joan Feeney and Arleen McIlveen came to visit the Kearny Cottage. Their Grandmother, Bary Struve, was the original caretaker at the Kearny Cottage.

Joan Feeney explains, “My Grandmother was there when I was 12 years old. (1957). Back then, the front room was not used for exhibits. It was just used for meetings. The rooms were not overcrowded. It was very simple – the cradle, the spinning wheel. We would run up the stairs. My grandmother was full of love and life. She laughed and loved to have a good time. She  was a loving, fine person and she loved people. She had an apartment upstairs. My grandmother had a lovely personality.  She loved giving tours at the Cottage. When we came to stay, we would sit at the kitchen and she would make us breakfast or cookies. We used to stay for a week in the summer. I have memories of Perth Amboy, walking on the boardwalk. We would get out over the water. We loved looking at the cradle and the spinning wheel (in the Cottage). I loved my grandmother. She died in 1958.”

Joan stated that she loved the improvements made at the Cottage. “It’s good to see the place kept up.”

Joan’s older brother (Bary’s grandson) Jack Barben on the boardwalk in Perth Amboy 1944 or 45.*Photos Submitted

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