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Two Resolutions Polled Separately

Council Seeks Further Discussion 4/12/17 Council Meeting

PERTH AMBOY – R-152 – 4/17 Concurring with the Appointment of William J. Fitzpatrick as Tax Assessor and waiving the residency requirement effective April 17, 2017 with a 4 year term beginning July 1, 2017. The Resolution passed unanimously.

R-160 – 4/17 – Accepting the bid and awarding a contract to Allied Construction Group for the hazard mitigation improvement of the Second Street pump station project in an amount not to exceed $2,396,000.00.

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez wanted to know what it would take have this item rebid.

B.A. Cruz said, “I can’t answer that, now.”

Gonzalez questioned, “Should we make an effort to rebid? It’s still the taxpayer’s money.”

Councilman Joel Pabon said, “It sounds good, but I would like a legal opinion.”

Acting Attorney Peter J. King said, “There was only one bid.”

Council President Bill Petrick gave a recap that this bid was requiring raising the motor’s generator and electrical components.”

Councilman Fernando Gonzalez suggested this item be carried over to the next Council Meeting.

Councilman Jelmin Caba moved to table the item. It was seconded by Fernando Gonzalez.

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