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Happy Anniversary Alameda Center And Many More!

April 30, 2017. Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Transitioning a successful healthcare facility to new ownership is no easy feat; elevating its 30-year reputation of clinical excellence is a goal that demands total dedication. Achieving both in one year is beyond remarkable – and that’s what the team at Alameda Center for Rehabilitation & Healthcare is celebrating as they mark the Center’s 1-Year Anniversary.
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Press Release

PERTH AMBOY – Indeed, Platinum Health of New Jersey acquired this renowned facility back in 2016 and has worked steadfastly to elevate every aspect of the rehab and skilled nursing services, honoring its commitment to the Perth Amboy community, and its mission to provide Progressive Rehab – And An Impressive Experience to the communities of MIddlesex County and its commitment to the Perth Amboy community.

“It has been a year of exceptional teamwork and great accomplishments”, says Jay Berger, LNHA, Administrator at Alameda Center. Among these accomplishments, “to be chosen as a collaborator by Raritan Bay Medical Center to manage the post-surgery care of patients undergoing hip and knee replacement is a true testament to the excellent in rehab and skilled nursing care – something my team and I are very proud of”.

Starting at 8 am on April 21, the staff members were treated to an all-day raffle of gift cards – a generous way of expressing appreciation to a staff that has grown together throughout this year the way a family does: facing challenges together ¬ and celebrating success together.

Looking forward to sustained growth, the 250-bed subacute rehabilitation and nursing care facility will soon launch a Best Evidence Based Medicine Sepsis Protocol aimed at early identification of infection markers that will enable their specialized staff to identify, communicate with physicians, diagnose, treat, and improve the overall quality of life of patients.

“Thank you for everything you do every day, especially to those of you who have worked with me through the transition; your dedication to our residents and our Center is extremely appreciated” read a communication sent by Jay Berger early in the morning of April 21. Delighted to celebrate the milestone, Berger’s message to the staff at Alameda could not be more heartfelt – and proud!

Voted “Best of The Best” three years in a row in Middlesex County by Home News Tribune, Alameda Center is charting new frontiers in patient care with an impressive suite of specialized programs that include state-of-the-art Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Care, Cardiac Telemetry, Peritoneal Dialysis and unique Hispanic and Indian Cultural Programs.

For more information about Alameda Center please contact Junel Hutchinson Executive Director of Admissions & Marketing at 732-638-7280 and visit

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