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Looks Can be Deceiving

Only a fool truly believes that one’s chosen profession or job means he or she has more integrity than another person. This false perception leads many to think that honesty or lack of greed is measured by the clothes one wears or the title one has. Yet, so many times the opposite is true. Some are so adept at putting a positive spin on an accomplishment that the unperceptive cannot see the reality behind an illusion. Judge not by appearance for indeed looks can be deceiving!


Michael J. Rusznak

Disrespecting Our Veterans

When a man or woman join the United States Military, they are given a uniform, a paycheck, and 3 square meals. When their time of service is over, and many come home from battle, many are missing limbs and almost all have non-visual wounds (PTSD) which is physical and mental damage.  They are provided with medical care, some of whom must wait weeks or even months.  It is up to them upon departure from the military that they must plan the future for themselves and their families.

When an athlete signs up for the NFL or AFL or any other big-league team, they are given millions of dollars in salary. They are provided with the best medical care and receive kudos and accolades from people for their prowess on the playing field. The money these athletes make provide for them and their families for the rest of their lives. They have no worry concerning how they will provide for their children’s education.  They are able to afford expensive houses and they can indulge in the fantasizing of the rich and famous.

How in God’s name could anyone not want to observe any display of patriotism to thank Veterans who left parts of their body on the battle fields. Why not give the money that these overpaid characters who disrespect our Veterans to people who are in dire need of help instead?

Wouldn’t it be ridiculous when on the battle field, our warriors would go on bended knee to acknowledge the fact that they didn’t like what they were doing?  This surely would result in surrender. We wouldn’t be the leading nation in the world and be the nation that all nations turn to for help when needed.

Yes, we have the right to express what we want.  That right is given to us in the First Amendment.  That whole document was provided, protected, and given to us by Veterans who guarded our liberty. Veterans from 1776 to the present showed our people that this country is worth fighting for. It is sad when those whom many admire and root for in our arenas have no concept of what our Veterans have suffered.

Barbara Skokan

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