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Hillary Clinton: The Mastermind

I guess it’s over for Hillary Clinton and her evil mastermind games. A woman named Donna Brazile ratted out Hillary. Donna Brazile was a player for the Democratic Committee and sold out to Hillary because the Democratic Party was broke BIG TIME!  Hillary gave the DNC some cold cash to control the operation. Hillary ran the whole operation, and controlled the players and even the news media to put Bernie Sanders under the bus and try to wipe out Trump’s campaign for the Presidency. This goes to show you how dirty politics can be and how the Democratic National Committee plays hardball for pay to play.

Hollywood went along with Hillary on this evil game. But, wait until the truth will come out on all those players. We want to know WHY the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice was hiding this and how Hillary BROKE THE LAW. Yes, there’s more to come on this and all this talk about the RUSSIANS did it. All I can say is what happened to America and someday the American flag will be hanging upside down on the pole

Orlando “Wildman” Perez

Gun Control is Much Simpler to Say

Guns have not changed since they were invented. Sure, designs have changed and improvements made, but basically, you squeeze the trigger they go bang, you don’t squeeze the trigger they do nothing.

No, guns haven’t changed, people have.

Every time there is a shooting like the one in Las Vegas or in the church shooting in Texas, the anti-gunners come out in force screaming for “gun control”. The media is all over it and politicians get on their “high horses” screaming for “gun control”, although, there wasn’t the same outcry from the left about the church shooting in Tennessee just a week before Las Vegas, I wonder why that is? Maybe he didn’t kill enough people, or was it something else? But that’s another matter.

There is always the outcry from the “Left” for gun control. I guess because it’s much simpler to say than;

How can we reverse the moral decay in this society that has resulted from decades of liberal policies that have contributed to these tragedies?

Policies that have cheapened life to the point that someone can throw a new born baby in the garbage without a second thought.

Policies that afford criminals more rights than their victims.

Policies that allow liberal judges to dole out light sentences to people who run illegal guns, (I wonder how many criminals would deal in illegal gun trafficking if they knew it would mean life without parole if convicted).

Policies that vilify religion, (which teaches right from wrong and “Thou shalt not kill”), at every turn, yet glorifies music that promotes the abuse of women and murder of police officers, then wrap themselves in the cloak of the first amendment as some sort of justification for this garbage.

Policies that took the right of parents to discipline their children away, and instead, pump them full of drugs and send them to counselors who need counseling themselves.

Policies that teach these same children that there are no consequences for bad behavior or performance. How exactly does one know when a baseball game is over when there is no score or innings?

Polices that have led to our children to believe that if you cry, scream, and yell long enough and loud enough, you will eventually get your way.

Policies that pervert the rights afforded to the American people to the point of absurdity.

No, that’s too many words for the well-educated left wing electorate to say. After all, “gun control” is only two words.

Joe Bayona

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