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MOVIE REVIEW: Justice League

Justice League

By: Anton Massopust III

“It’s nice to see that you’re  playing well with others.” 

– Commissioner Gordon

Justice League is a superhero lovefest. If you like superheroes like I do, “Justice League” is exactly what you are looking for. Like the 1970s cartoon, “Super Friends” and the 1990s Cartoon Network show “Justice League” and “Justice League United,” this new film brings together the forces of good against the forces of evil. “Justice League” takes place of several months after Superman’s (Henry Cavill) death (in the movie “Batman vs. Superman”). Batman (Ben Affleck) realizes that he needs a team of warriors because a huge threat is coming from outer space. Parademons, soldiers from the planet Apocalypse appear all around the globe. Batman soon gets his team together uniting: The Flash (Ezra Miller), The Fastest Man Alive, Aquaman (Jason Momoa) The Defender of The Ocean, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) (originally a member of the Teen Titans), a young football player who is now part man/part machine, and of course, the all-powerful Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot). Wonder Woman does what she can against evil, but still wants to stay in the shadows. Batman wants her to lead the team, however she is reluctant because she realizes she will have to send people to their death.

The heroes try to figure out a way to use technology to bring back Superman from the dead and at the same time the big threat is a hunter named Steppenwolf, who came to Earth many years ago. Wonder Woman’s people (the Amazons) united everyone against him, including the gods to defeat him. Steppenwolf is after three powerful boxes, called mother boxes that can open portals to his home world. By putting them together, these three boxes can turn Earth into another Apocalypse and pave the way for Darkseid.

What I liked about “Justice League” is that they didn’t give us the reluctant whiny superhero story that most superhero movies are giving us these days. You see just enough backstory to set it up for many powerful hours of action. Audiences really want to see is the united six  heroes and bring them together to battle the forces of darkness. Check out Adele’s new song: “Everybody Knows.” Go see Justice League! Unite the Six!

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