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EDITORIAL: The 15 Million Pink Knit Cap Women Brigade

Pink Knit Capped Women protesting at Trump’s Election *AP

We need at least 5 million women to dust off their Pink Knit Caps and demand that some of the MILLIONS OF TAXPAYERS DOLLARS which were used to pay VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULTS BY SITTING POLITICIANS (BEFORE TRUMP ASSUMED OFFICE) be returned to the coffers.

$15 million is from a fund which pays plaintiff’s complaints varying from sexual harassment and discrimination based on race, religion, and disabilities.

The Office of Compliance (OOC) handles these complaints. The OOC was established in 1995 with the Congressional Accountability Act.  The treasury reports can be viewed by the public every year. These reports don’t give a breakdown of how these funds were disbursed, and from what departments the complaints came from.

The sexual harassment monies should have been paid out of the politicians’ own personal bank accounts.

Rep. Jackie Speier *AP

These politicians should be ashamed of themselves and the elected female politicians who were aware of this behavior and this account should equally be ashamed. They knew taxpayer dollars were being used for these settlements. This behavior was going on a long time, and now they feign disdain. Some female reporters were cautioned not to get in an elevator alone with certain politicians because of their inappropriate behavior. As Blanche from “The Golden Girls” would say, “All of a sudden, they have the vapors!”

There is a song by Helen Reddy, “I am Woman: Hear Me Roar! In Numbers too big to Ignore!” This record came out in 1971. So how far have women come when they allow this behavior?

I look forward to Madonna and Ashley Judd speaking out on this subject. I’m sure all of these celebrities on the upcoming award shows will also express their disgust at these politicians. Let’s not be hypocritical here. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Remember when Hillary Clinton supported Bill against all the women who accused him of sexual misconduct? Hillary did not have kind words for these women. But it came back to bite her in the butt. It’s puzzling that it took a Harvey Weinstein being exposed by all these Hollywood actresses for the giant to be woken up in the political arena.

Let’s not forget that there were also young actors who were victims of sexual advances by other men.

Rep. Jackie Speier of California and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, both Democrats are instituting anti-harassment legislation. Jackie Speier is instituting “Me Too” legislation  to end sexual harassment in Congress.

According to According to documents provided by Speier’s office, the bill (dubbed “Me Too” after a social media campaign in which women and some men shared their stories of assault and abuse) seeks to change the process and help prevent future harassment by making the mandatory counseling and mediation voluntary, giving OOC more investigative power, allowing victims to file complaints anonymously, giving them more time to do so and providing them a central platform they can use. It would also implement sexual harassment training and require any members of Congress who settle a claim to personally reimburse the Treasury fund. OOC would also be required to publish the name of the employing office and amount awarded in settlements.

Will this finally be the wake-up call for the sleeping giant (a large majority of non-voting citizens)? Some of these politicians have been serving for decades.

So, it seems like it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Remember icebergs go very, very deep.


As always, your comments are welcome. C.M.

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