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Spay & Neuter Program Needed More Than Animal Control Officers—Council Meeting 1/11/12

PERTH AMBOY — “Our town is failing, especially when it comes to animal control.”  These words were spoken by resident Virginia Morales who is a active volunteer with the Happy Homes Shelter.  She stated that she recently went to the Animal Shelter and was surprised by the employee who appeared disheveled.

“We need bilingual  Animal Control Workers, especially those who speak Spanish.  I have seen the decapitated heads of animals in the water down by the Waterfront and you have families and children walking by there.

“Maybe approaching the Board of Education about taking care of animals,” was suggested by Councilman Bill Petrick  since  Ms. Morales has teaching credentials.

“Perhaps an educational piece on Channel 34 can highlight this problem and maybe Chief Benjamin Ruiz can give the Council a report on the Animal Shelter,” suggested Councilman Kenneth Gonzalez.

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