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Board of Ed Forum 3/3/12

PERTH AMBOY – Beth Lieberman who teaches Elementary Education said more Paraprofessionals are needed so that the teachers can concentrate on individual pupil’s needs. “They were very helpful and half of them have left. We have new programs in place but we don’t have the technology to support those programs. Besides materials such as books, etc. We also need smart boards and better copy machines. We have to Staples to get large volumes of work copied.”

Board President Sam Lebreault emphasized accenting the positive aspects of our schools and the City of Perth Amboy. “There will be headphones made available to translate into Spanish what is being said at the School Board Meetings. We have been looking at a new High School before we got the $39 million. Delany Homes was looked at plus Dr. Caffrey was looking to rent existing properties. With the new high school additional staff would need to be hired. With that comes new programs. We still need an elementary school. The Celotex property cleanup would be three times more expensive than building a new high school.”

One of the properties mentioned as a possible lease agreement was St. Mary’s that can take about 500 students. Students who are attending the Adult School on Barrack’s St. can also obtain work credits.

Ken Puccio said of the Seaman Street Property, “Half of that property is uncleanable.” He also agreed with President Lebreault that Perth Amboy is a wonderful city. “We have a bad rap it is up to us to promote the city. That means the teachers, Board Members, etc. The high school is better now than ten years ago and we have more activities.” He also praised everyone who worked together to evacuate the Shull School during the bomb scare. “We were able in two days to locate the kids that pulled that alarm. We always talk about the negatives in our schools but we can find bigger problems in other educational systems.” He mentioned South Brunswick, Sayreville and South Amboy as examples. “We have great schools,” Puccio added.

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