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It has been a while since I’ve written a letter to the newspapers, today I’ve decided that I couldn’t sit back and allowed misinformation to cloud the minds of the citizens of Perth Amboy didn’t allowed it in the past will not allow it today.

I am writing about a letter that was sent to the citizens of from Joe Vas Jr. This letter came to my possession through a third party as Joe Vas Jr. wasn’t that stupid to send it to my house.

Joe Vas Jr. letter is about offering citizens help per profit to appeal their taxes. The way that he is phrasing his fee is very calculating as making you think that he is doing free labor as long as your tax appeal isn’t approved but, we all know that all tax appeals are granted due to the crashed of the Real Estate market… He claims that big corporations are getting huge tax reductions while the common folk are left with the burden of the tax levy to compensate for the loss of revenue from the appeals granted to the Corporations.

He mentions that we are paying taxes based on past market real estate values when the market peak at its highest point. All of the above makes complete sense but, he fails to tell you that it was his father who put through the reevaluation of our properties at the peak of the market making them over evaluated. I fought his father Joseph Vas against the reevaluation I knew that there was no reason to do it and that it will hurt all of us sooner or later. I also knew that the reason that Joe Vas had for the reevaluation was not for our benefit. The reason for the reevaluation was that Joe was short on cash and the Banks weren’t extending any more credit to our city due to the huge debt that he had incurred. We all know that Joe Vas lied to all the citizens about the finances of our city and today we are well aware of the reasons for his decisions. Our Mayor Wilda Diaz has been trying for the past 4 years to decrease the huge debt that Joe Vas left us with, along with other problematic situations that are becoming a huge burden for all of us.

Now, we are all suffering the consequences of his father’s bad decisions. Many citizens are losing their homes due to this over inflated reevaluation and the tax burden that is still in place after the market crashed.

I am outraged that Joe Vas Jr. wants to financially benefit from what his father burden all of us with. He wants the citizens to hire him to represent them in appealing their taxes. I assured all the citizens that there is no need to hired Joe Vas Jr. to appeal your taxes it is a very easy process that you can do yourself and will only cost you $25 dollars and time to go through the County court. I challenge Joe Vas Jr. to help the citizens of Perth Amboy with their tax appeals pro bono as we all know that he has benefitted from our city for 18 years is time to give back to us.

—Maria Garcia

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