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COMMUNITY VOICE: Failed Policies

Obama is not the cool, calm, and collected guy that he would like to view the public to view him. He is scared and for real reason. Gas prices have risen considerably since his inauguration. From $1.89 gal. to over $4/gal. in most areas. He was so quick to admonish Bush when gas got up to $3/gal. Obama’s reason’s for keeping prices are so obscured; almost laughable. According to him, families would be brought closer together and higher prices will save lives. People would not be traveling as much; therefore fewer accidents. His green energy proposals have not been successful and any money toward that end has been a complete failure, ex. Solyndra.

Obama is a Socialist. No doubt about it. He is shifting to the right and is panicked to do so while offering to cut business taxes – a perfect example of pandering. Again, something he would do to win an election. His “hope and change” catch phrase no longer works. Every new phrase in his speeches does not catch on. He is floundering.

The United States is no longer respected in the world. His foreign policies have made us weak as well as the laughing stock of the world. His idea of foreign policy is to sit down and talk. Well and good, but don’t give the store away. If the dollar is removed as the international monetary standard, the U.S. would be devastated. China, Russia, and countries in the Middle East and Africa are not our friends. They take while we give them freely what we have worked so hard to achieve. They do not support us in the United Nations concerning Syria. Again proof that Obama is not taken seriously.

What other country has survived 236 years and provided peace and prosperity for its people besides the United States? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. There is really no improvement in any area in our country since Obama took office. The slightest increase in inflation will wreck havoc on our deficit which has grown the largest since Obama has been made in office. Jobs will not improve and the noly help that Obama has is the media which is backing him to the hilt for whatever reason they have.

For all Obama followers, the following is most appropriate: “One who does not read is no better than one who cannot read.”

Barbara Skokan, Perth Amboy

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