COMMUNITY VOICE: A Day to Be Remembered

Whenever I am with a group I am usually the oldest guy in it. If a girl was older she would not admit it. This was not so this past Sunday when a spirited Helen Murafski not only admitted that she was older but reveled in the fact that we celebrated her one hundred birthday at St. John’s Hall.

A goodly crowd led by the gracious Father Michael Rosco honored Helen with a brunch which was more of a feast. She graciously survived many accolades from friends, family and fellow parishioners. Including my effort at poetry attached hereto. Her body may have aged a bit but her mind, voice and spirits were as youthful as ever! In a strong distinct voice she spoke of many happy memories all tinged with kind and good humor. Eileen Ello sang You are my sunshine whose rays touched all of us. Truly a good time was enjoyed by all present well wishers!

Later that evening the movie Marty was shown on television. It so happened that Helen’s late husband , Martin was well known as Marty in the Cableworks where I worked in the early’40’s. The movie depicted scenes which reminded me of the Raritan Ballroom on New Brunswick Avenue of that era. Like the movie Stardust Ballroom where the movie Marty found his dream girl the local working guys and gals began with guys and gals from divergent backgrounds to become great and happy Americans. Perhaps Helen and Marty started their great meeting -er mating -place. Quien sabe? Who knows?


Thank you for your courtesies.

Very truly yours,

Peter Book/a.k.a. Pedro Libro

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