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Anton Massopust II

PERTH AMBOY —  “My family has paid over $4000 in parking fines.” (Referring to before resident sticker permits) stated Anton Massopust II. He spoke before the Council at the May 14, 2012 Caucus Meeting. Massopust brought up the fact that there were many unjustified markings of parking spaces which he considers should be free spaces. He specifically mentioned spaces on Market and Hobart Streets that had yellow lines which indicate loading zones that no one uses.

“You are taking away parking spots from people in those neighborhoods. There are yellow lines on curbs that should not be there. Sometimes there is no parking. I’ve had to park 5 blocks away from my house and I had to make several trips back and forth to carry items from my vehicle.” Massopust questioned the number of cars he sees parked per house. B.A. Greg Fehrenbach suggested to Massopust that he should speak to Ed Scala of Code Enforcement if he suspects there is any illegal housing.

Councilman Ken Balut said, “They base parking on about 2.5 cars for each house,” which he believes is not nearly enough parking spaces per household.

Massopust also questioned a report given by representatives from HR & A Associates who talked about the Perth Amboy Economic Growth Strategy. The report mentioned that 16,000 people leave Perth Amboy daily to go to work. Massopust went up to the mic and said, “No way!” Referring to the 16,000 number. He stated that, “A lot of City residents work in the school system and Raritan Bay Medical Center.” Personally he doesn’t see that number of people taking public transportation or that many vehicles leaving town to go to work.

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